Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Green Bride Review: EO products

I reached out to EO Products for the opportunity to explore a more "green" approach in life. In looked to reduce my carbon footprint, I want a product (or even a whole line of products) which take an environmentally safe approach from beginning to end.  Also, please don't test any part of your product (partial or finished) on animals.  I know poor little bunnies don't enjoy getting things stuck in their eyes to see if it hurts.  Of course that hurts!

Here's a little info from EO's site about their product vision:
  • We manufacture consistently excellent essential oil formulations that are efficacious, safe and made from natural, sustainable botanical sources.
  • We create products for our customers that allow them to treat or relieve specific needs and to maintain overall good health through the benefits of therapeutic botanicals.
  • The continued and ongoing development of new and innovative products that meet our stringent formulation criteria.
  • Innovation without compromise: Personal care must perform. We pledge to continue to research new natural ingredients that can provide function and benefit without compromising our natural integrity or product performance.
  • We develop innovative formulas based on researched herbal and aromatherapy knowledge.
  • We know that the formulation of beneficial herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients is truly an art form.
  • We work continuously to source natural and organic ingredients with uniquely therapeutic properties.
  • We also choose not to include synthetic colors, fragrances or harsh chemicals in our products.
  • EO® products must perform given the expectations of our customers.

So I asked EO Products to share the love and allow me to experience their line.  And share they did!

I received samples of French Lavender Everyday Shampoo & French Lavender Everyday Conditioner, French Lavender Shower Gel and French Lavender Body Lotion, full sized bottle of Vanilla and Coconut Bubble Bath, full sized bottle French Lavender Liquid Hand Soap, Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray, travel pack of Lavender Hand Cleansing Wipes, and a full sized bottle of All Purpose Soap.
It was like Hannukah in July!

I absolutely love lavender scented items and enjoyed the pleasant fragrances in each product.  The bath products were soothing and easy on my sensitive skin.  The hand soap is stationed next to our kitchen sink and I honestly look forward to washing my hands!  Using the hand cleansing wipes on the go made public transportation a breeze.  But by far, my favorite product that will become a staple in my life is the sanitizing spray.  It smells amazing!
Oh, and who knew you could clean anything with their all purpose soap? Anything!

So the next time you're out at Whole Paycheck (you know the grocery store I'm talking about) look for EO products and know that it's money well spent on a wholesome, earth-friendly, animal-friendly, wonderfully smelling and very effective product!

EO: Love Life. Live Clean.

[EDIT] Disclaimer: These opinions are 100% honest, and my own.  Aside from receiving these products to review, I was not compensated in any way.

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  1. oooh, I love anything lavender. These products sound great!


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