Far from royalty...

It starts right here, with me:

Crown'd Vic
 Living in our nation's capital allows me to learn something new every day.  So does teaching 2nd graders.
My nose piercing and tattoo keep me from normalcy, while my job and religion keep me grounded.  I practice yoga frequently and happy hour, too.   I love to relax with a good book, live music, scrapbooking, and cleaning.  Meanwhile I strongly dislike extended talks on the phone and the feel of stretching apart a cotton-ball.

The Man Behind the Woman
My sappy posts about Mike and his influence on my life tell it all.  He loves sports and I can never compete with The Mets or The Packers, but I can wear their logos making me even more attractive in his eyes!  Mike works in politics, however I never exactly understand his job.  He enjoys buying me jewelry (if I write it, it will come true), reading books with big words, Jeopardy, and running.  Mike prefers hanging with his guy friends over shopping with me, and will never listen to Journey.

We love our animals!

Penny Lane
Pen loves being lazy and grooming himself in the "old man" position.  He'll never turn down a crispy french fry and will bite your toes at night if you try to kick him off the bed.  He prefers to sleep on Vic's pillow and goes by Pen-Pen, PL, and Momma's Boy.

Mel enjoys sleeping 20+ hours a day and often can be found in the same spot you left him hours ago.   He drools when happy and will only eat dry cat food.  Mel compulsively "cleans" things, helps make the bed, and is always the one the finger lands on when the flowers have bite marks.  Sergeant Pepper suits him best, name-wise.  Mike loves this cat.

Eleanor Rigby came to us malnourished at a mere 35lbs.  Now this quirky pooch sports her 58lbs proudly, runs wildly through the woods, and breaks up cat fights.  Fearful of thunderstorms, motorcycles, cars backfiring, and nailguns, we find ourselves saying "loud noise" for reassurance often.  Nora chomps recklessly on pig ears and marrow bones when she's not secretly sleeping in our bed.  She's both of our Nora-Noodle!

As a native-Floridian and a transplanted NY-to-FLoridian, snow is the one thing about DC that is still growing on us.

As newlyweds (as of 6.19.11!), we are navigating through life's ups and downs together!

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