Sunday, May 30, 2010

You Tube Wedding Fun!

It's the weekend of my bestie's 30th, Memorial Day weekend, and the homestretch before summer vacation. 
In honor of all the fun I'm having, and drinking, here are some of my favorite You Tube wedding related videos. (and one fun one: "Can I touch it? No I don't wanna!")

The ever-famous, and always entertaining Wedding Entrance Dance to Chris Brown's Forever

I LOVE the Dirty Dancing parody:

Funny Wedding Vows:

And one just for fun...Kid who meets lobsters for the first time.

Happy Weekend, ya'll!

Friday, May 28, 2010


SAHD = Stay At Home Dad.  That is exactly the bargain I offered to Mike, recently.

See, Mike is between jobs right now.  Let's get a little more insight, here:
Mike's political science bachelor's degree gives him the same recognition as about 50% of the business class here in our nation's capital.  You could spit on the sidewalk and hit someone with a BA in PoliSci, in DC.  But that doesn't stop Mike, and why should it?  In the heart of this Great Recession, one thing is for sure - government must press on and continue.  However, people keep graduating with that darn degree, and while Mike has the experience, he knows he needs to go back to school. 

Around the time of Obama's Inauguration, Mike found himself looking for a way to stand out amongst the masses.  First it was Law School.  Then thankfully a fellowship came around and saved our asses from humongous debt for a degree Mike sought for the label and education (not to become a lawyer).  Don't get me wrong, a JD is a great degree, but Mike realized it was not for him.

Mike recently finished up a that great fellowship stint which lasted a year.  Luckily, they liked him and his work ethic and offered to keep him on, hourly, for May.  They're sending him small jobs to do and he reports how long they take, and *poof* money in the bank.

He will go to GW in the fall to earn a masters in International Affairs!   Since our schedules are wonky now, I don't get to see him often, but I did get to see a pad of paper with finances planned out.   And while I do get paid well for what I do, my teacher salary can only take us so far, especially with our mortgage.
I am in awe of what Mike has offered to do to make ends meet.

Mike chose not to apply for Unemployment (as of yet). Instead he hit the pavement.  He chose to try something I know he feels is not up to par with his degree.  While he never waited tables before, I know this headstrong man can surely please any group of hungry customers. Mike is a server at the new branch of Alero in DC, just a block from our place.  On one hand I feel badly, because he didn't go to school to wait tables. I know he wants more! On the other hand I'm proud of him for stepping up to the plate.

One thing's for sure, I feel good to call him mine, the way he carries his head high.

If Mike had not said he might spend his days just getting drunk and bored as a SAHD, we might have a different story. [here's where you laugh, b/c that's funny!]  But my friends, that time will come - with either SAHD or SAHM, or even as working moms and dads.  For now, Mike's bringing home the, make that Mexican Bacon?

I love you for what you do and who you are, Mike.
*photo taken during Obama's Inauguration, with our camera.

So what have you done to make ends meet?
How do you pull it together when times are tough?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

And the Winner is...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the UnderGlass GiveAway!  Also, a HUGE thank you to Carol-Ann of Underglass for sponsoring my very first GiveAway (and a happy birthday to her too!).

Drumroll please.....

The winner of $25 worth of their choice of merchandise from UnderGlass's Etsy store, is:


Check your email, girl!
And stay tuned for next month's GiveAway!
{Stay Classy, folks}

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Electric Slide Incident

I LOVE to dance at weddings, be it in circle, in a line, in a group, or alone. And I LOVE am obsessed with rocking out to the Electric Slide (boogie-woogie-woogie).  Naturally, when it came on this past weekend I did my thang, which involves some heavy-duty dancing.


We're talking full-dip-down-to-the-floor for the "toe-tap" and full turns on what should be the grape-vine.  (and yes I even know the technical terms for these dance moves).

I danced SO HARD and full-out during The Electric Slide that I my quads still ache today, 3+ days after the wedding.  It was worth. every. second.  I owned that dance.
I had a blast!
Which leads me ask, do you dance at weddings?
Do you have a favorite song to strut-your-stuff to, at weddings?

And another important point.... DJ or Band?
Mike is dying for a band and I could go either way, just so long as, ya know, they play the electric slide.

{all photos courtesy of Mike via my awesome camera}
(Now go on and register for my UnderGlass Jewelry GiveAway!  Today is the LAST DAY!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beachy Wedding Photos!

Finally!  I tricked my memory card into handing over the photos before it went all crazy on me.  The results are just a sampling of this past weekend's beach wedding, of my friends Marc and Midge.  Here are the decorative details:

1.  Shells for signing (guest book)
2.  tables decorated with sheer cloths
3.  handmade fans (A MUST) in a cute bucket and chair
4.  floral arrangements in tiki-torches

Flip-flop Station!

The beach layout, where the ceremony took place.


1. under-tent layout
2. cooling down (fans a MUST)
3. chairs decorated too
4. shotglass favors

The centerpieces under the tent on the beach were beautiful!

"I now pronounce you husband and wife"

{all photos taken by yours truly}

Monday, May 24, 2010

Beachy Wedding

This weekend was a BLAST!  I loved spending time with college friends, and celebrating the wedding of two of them!
However my camera is not happy.
More specifically, my memory card is corrupt.
You can look at the lovely pictures via the playback on the camera, but not upload them.
I am heading to the lovely mom-and-pop camera store that sold me the "gently used but totally safe" card to demand they get those pictures off that card and onto my computer, tomorrow.
Until then, here's my best how-to recap, in words, sans pictures:

How to Dress For a Beach Wedding:
-think COTTON and loose fitting fabrics
-DO NOT wear spanx, or promptly remove
-heels are excessive, flip-flops mandatory
-provide flip-flops for guests who think heels work in sand (and favor flip-flops there were!)
-allow your bridal party to wear linen
-allow your male guests to wear (nice) shorts with their button-downs (sleeves rolled up)
-provide LOTS OF WATER (and there was)
-remember to put on sunscreen, even if the ceremony is only 30 minutes (I didn't)

And now is when I wish I had pics to share of more details like the lounge furniture under cool-down areas, the flip-flop station, the small boat FILLED with beer, the beachy-inspiried center pieces, the chuppah decorated with shells, the runner accented with starfish, and general beauty of the entire day.
Alas, we're working on those pictures.

Until then, don't forget to sign up for my GiveAway of UnderGlass Jewelry!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I'm headed to a land with out internet for the weekend, and I'm a little scared.
I mean, what kind of people live with out internet connection?
Since joining the blogging community I've found myself GLUED to the computer when Mike's not home, and uh, when he is too.  Sorry, honey.

Our two friends are getting married (to each other!) and I'm super excited to scope out how they did their wedding, AND CELEBRATE, of course!

So if you need me, leave some comment love.
'Cuz I'll be on the beach in Florida,
in a quaint, family owned motel,
with private beach space,
and sand, sun, and surf.
(and shots?!)

Be jealous, oh yes.
I deserve this time away and it will be glorious.

In the mean-time:
REGISTER for my FIRST GIVEAWAY of lovely UnderGlass Jewelry!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Underglass Jewelry Review and Giveaway!

When I wanted a new, funky necklace - naturally I turned to Etsy.  What I found at Underglass is incredible!
UnderGlass resin jewelry is unlike most pieces I stumbled across on Etsy.  Her items stand out because of the unique designs (kaleidoscope, amoeba, snowflakes, tree-silhouettes, nature-inspired, butterflies, and more) and the material: resin.

I first found her tree designs simply captivating.

The wing-inspired series is breathtaking.
(especially the copper key hole pieces)

When I asked if she would sponsor my first giveaway (squeel!) not only did she say YES, but she also sent me a lovely piece to review!
 1.  It came in a padded envelope with delivery confirmation.  I like the added security knowing you can track down your package.

2.  Not only was it gift wrapped with a BONUS item (double-squeel!), but protected by plastic.

3.  She puts time into the presentation!

4.  Also enclosed are Resin Jewelry Care instructions.

5.  The gift wrapping featurs her signature butterfly.

6.  My necklace (amoeba design) is just as beautiful as pictured online!

And beeeeeeeautiful it is!

UnderGlass has offered a GiveAway, as well!  To win your choice of $25 of merchandise of the winner's choice, simply do these 2 things:
1.  follow my blog (mandatory -- present followers already enrolled, do #2)
2.  visit Underglass's site, and come back to comment on this post about something that you saw and like (mandatory)

For an extra entry: Like me on Facebook!

Contest ends Wednesday, May 26 at 10p.m. EST.  Winner will be chosen with, announced on 5/27, and contacted via email (so make sure you leave that when you comment, or with your comment account).  Open to residents of the continental U.S. only.
Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Design your OWN SHOES!

Say what?!
Yes, you can create, design, and make your own kicks over at  These aren't just any sneakers. Oh no, these are some of the loveliest stilettos to date - and they can look however you want.
And I want them BLUE!  (For the wedding, and then for fun in life!!)

With a green bow and heel,
and paaaink soles!

Ok, I can ditch the pink soles,
and they are still stellar!

This style ain't so bad either.

Too bad they're $160 to DYO.
I guess at $85 my solid blue Electras (see top photo) make the cut.

Now to practice walking in them....

Monday, May 17, 2010

We have a date! And a hang up....

Finally, we decided on The Carnegie Institute.
Finally, we put a hold on a date (June 19, 2011!).
(update: Glen Echo let me cancel my hold no problem)

Finally, it was all coming together.
And of course there's a hitch in the plans.

I contacted the rabbi who we want to officiate and he said he'd get back to me after Memorial Day.  That is two plus weeks away and our hold is only for two weeks (I placed the hold on May 11).  Do we want only him to officiate and thus plan our date around his calendar?  Do we go ahead and book it and hope he can do it?  Do we hope can find someone just as awesome as him if he can't?

Yes we have other dates in mind, but we have a preferred one.

If only there was an Officiant-Rabbi-Robot with an open calendar!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beau-Coup Giveaway from Manolo Brides!

Anyone who knows me well, understands that luck is on my side.  I have a knack for winning things, just not $100K ultimate wedding contests, but oh well, that was a fluke. 

In elementary school I won a $500 "shopping spree" to Toys R Us for a Letter to Santa contest.  My parents had an easy xmas that year.   A TV station displayed my name on the screen and I called in to win a remote-controlled car, which became a favorite toy. In middle school I won a trip to Space Camp by putting my name into a box in Target.   Amongst my various other winnings include: a giant Easter basket, a Barbie limo, and recently $100 worth of wine.

Now I want to win this Giveaway:
Manolo Brides' latest Giveaway is a $75 gift certificate to Beau-Comp favors.  Beau-Comp has the cutest, personalized wedding (and other various celebrations) favors ever.  Aside from the embossed, personalized napkins and the must-have matchboxes are some of the most unique favors out there.  One could do it up 'eco-friendly style' with their personalized, plantable seed cards, or even plaster your face on a personalized chocolate lollipop, if that's what you're into.

Manolo Brides blog is a wealth of information with tons of idea resources.

But don't knock my odds.  Let me go ahead and have this one, k?
We don't want to jinks fate, here.
Seventy-five dollars can get me a lot of napkins!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Featurette -- Happy Herbivore!

This amazing blogging woman comes to us from my days at FSU.  She's actually my "sister" as we are triplet-littles in APO (Alpha Phi Omega) and we share the exact same birthday!  And lemmie just give you this piece of info up front:  she's hot-stuff in the vegan world, like famous.

Lindsay is one of those people you meet and instantly like.  She tells it like it is, and is a true go-getter.  While she has her J.E.D. and passed the bar in about 5+ states, Lindz's heart is true to one thing right now:  baking/cooking/eating right and spreading the word through social media.

As a vegetarian myself, I know how challenging eating right within constraints can really be.  Lindsay is a vegan, which means she doesn't eat meat or animal bi-products (eggs, milk, butter, etc.)   I asked her "Why be vegan?" and here's what she said:
"Allow me to insert this video here:

More or less I was motivated for my health, the plight of farm animals and the environmental factors... but do watch the video! :-)"
Lindsay heads-up Happy Herbivore, an amazing site/blog dedicated to her own original, low fat, vegan recipes, that are super tasty.  No really - try making her black bean brownies: DELISH'!  HH's Black Bean Brownies are world-famous. They've been featured on hundred's of blogs. Lindsay goes on to say, "I'm really digging the butter bean cookies right now -- and some other ultra popular recipes are the carrot cake cupcakes (why are we all obsessed with desserts?) and the red lentil dal... oh but do make the chickpea tacos. They will change your life."
More questions about her awesomeness and site/blog can be answered on her FAQs page. 

Imagine my surprise when opening an issue of Vegetarian Times and scrolling through the table of contents to see none-other than my Lindsay featured!  She published a whole New Year's (vegan) brunch spread, with recipes and a mini-interview to boot!
Let's not forget about the Facebook group with over 1,000 "fans" clamoring to see her on the Ellen show.

Plus, she wrote 3 (well-priced) E-cookbooks and counting! 
And might I add she video-chats daily from her kitchen!!
I've even heard talk of Emeril...

Yeah, ladies and gents, this gal is pretty good at what she does AND healthy, too.  I'm proud to call her my "sister-in-vegetables" and "sister" even if it is only from Greek letters.

A few words from the lady herself:

Q: what is your favorite memory from college?
A: Meow. Oh, sorry. I forgot inside jokes aren't funny to other people. Hmm... you know I just sort of look back fondly on college as this time where I was surrounded by all these great friends and we had enough time to actually hang out. It was bliss.
Q: How have you changed since college?
Since college I've traveled to 40 states. No make that 41. and 20 countries. I was also a lawyer and then a chef. or wait I'll still a chef, but not a lawyer. I got married. I published a book. I had blue hair. as a lawyer. Never mind I really haven't changed at all.
Q: Did you ever imagine life to be as it is for you now?
Hell no -- but it's been a fun surprise. I used to think I was going to be this ball busting career woman lawyer - thingy. and I still think I look pretty hot in a suit, but I'm way happier being all domestic-like. Calling Martha.
Q: What is your favorite wine?
Stop judging me. I always had a pitcher of it in my fridge during law school. I am a drunk and my drink of choice is the mojito. Oh shit. right. inside jokes are not funny to outsiders. I will get this by the end!
Q: Favorite quote?
aut viam inveniam aut faciam
I'll either find a way or make one 

Now go make your way over to the Happy Herbivore and learn, bake, and be happy!
Her profiles: FacebookFlickrTwitterBlog RSSDelicious
Love you, Lindz!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Combinacion Surnames!

Friends commented on Facebook about yesterday's post, in which I mourn the loss of my current last-name, how there's a combo-trend.

Ya know, like making two last names into one?  Hilarious, yet striking.  It does not allow for lineage/legacy to continue, though - which is a huge letdown.  However the possibilities are humorous:

Wanalistamon.    -sounds Rastafarian!
Salista  -sounds Hispanic
Salamista -sounds like salami
Wanalamon -sounds like a designer shoe, or a watermelon disease

Laugh with me on these, and then post your created last name combos below in comments!
(don't make me look like a loser, go ahead and comment!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the 'Dubs

I will miss the big W, the 'dubs, the initial that defines my last name.  I plan on taking Mike's last name when I get married and I will dearly miss my unique, yet long and frequently misspelled, last name.

Hyphenation is not an option, as my maiden-name is ten letters long.  Combining the two surnames would result in eighteen letters.  I do not wish that on any of my hypothetical children.
I will instead move thy dear ol' W to my middle name...which will make my already long name even longer, but I don't care. I need the W.

My last name was good to me for so many years (28 and counting).  Sure, it lead to a little bit of teasing, but mostly conversation starters, as in "How the heck do you say that?" and "Where's that from?"
What's more, sporting the initials VW lead to "borrowing" VW hubcaps, receiving them as gifts, wearing VW memorabilia, and secretly coveting a VW bus for so, so  long.  I want a DC United soccer jersey not because we live in DC, but because of the VW logo.  I love representing myself with the letters V and W. 

I need a way to keep this VW alive, and perhaps permanently ingrained in me.
I'm thinking of another tatoo, here.
The risk excites me!
(but I'll probably chicken out.  Mom, you can breathe a sigh of relief now!)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vale, Vail, or Veil?

Once I finally figured out how to spell "veil" correctly, I stumbled across MANY interesting things (aside from the fact that as a 2nd grade teacher, YES, I should know how to spell 'veil').

Interesting fact number 1: There are some flippin' ugly veils out there. I know, I know - to each their own, but honestly, someone is going to put that on their head? Do I really need to worry about tripping over my veil because it's SO long? I think not.  Pretty pictures, though...

Interesting fact number 2: You can attach anything you want to your veil, aside from the obvious feather/flower attachee one can find.    People have them monogrammed, too!

Interesting  fact number 3:  There are many options, almost as many options as there are opinions.

I have 2 needs from a veil:
1) It can actually veil me so I can be unveiled, to follow a Jewish tradition.*
2) To make me pretty/accessorize me.**

*Back to the Jewish tradition.  It's called Bedeken, which in Yiddish means "to cover up" and likens to the English cognate "bedeck" which means "to cover with decorations."  According to a valuable site, Jewish-History,  "The groom brings down the veil over the bride's face, reminiscent of Rebeccah's covering her face with her veil upon seeing Isaac before marriage. The veiling impresses upon the Kallah her duty to live up to Jewish ideals of modesty and reminds others that in her status as a married woman she will be absolutely unapproachable by other men. The covering of the face symbolizes the modesty, dignity and chastity which characterizes the virtue of Jewish womanhood."
The Jewish Chronicle notes "There is a powerful romantic charge at the Bedecken; the groom is danced into the room where the bride sits surrounded by friends and family."
Sitting all prettied up in a room and having people come dancing in to see me sounds awesome, by the way.

**I have no need for something over my face during the ceremony.  You can see the obvious conflict here.
I luuuurve birdcage veils.  Their simplicity warrants sophistication and class.  Seeing one makes me want to listen to jazz music and lounge in a speak easy.  While I know those have no connection to a wedding, it does make me feel all swanky and glamorous! 

Chasing Rainbows, Kissing Frogs found many pictures, making a great post showing off birdcage veils.

I think I might have a solution to this, which involves "something borrowed" and a costume change, of sorts.  Oh yes, this will be grand!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend O' Wedding Planning!

My parents were in town for the weekend, not only to see me (and help plan the wedding) but for my third-cousin's wedding.  Naturally I was not invited because she's my third cousin and I honestly never met the girl!  However, her reception was held at The City Club - a place which was secretly in contention as our reception site.  No, don't go looking through my past posts for info on it because you will not find it.  Never before did I mention City Club because Mike and I did not feel it was for us, so I didn't even go there.  That should say enough about it and it's fit for us.

Moving on.

On Friday I whisked my parents over to the Carnegie Institute for their own tour of the facility.  (Click on that link for a previous post and my take on the place.)  They instantly fell in love, and how can you not: the grand marble staircase, the beautiful rotunda, the elegant ballroom, the huge french-door entrance, and the staff is largely helpful.  At this point we began entertaining the idea of a June 2011 wedding, since our summers are open.  Also, my parents will celebrate 45 years of marriage on June 18.  What a nice tribute to them to be married on/around that date.  (We also found out the CI takes credit cards, which means bonus points on the visa!)

Saturday we viewed Glen Echo Park.  I put a tentative hold on Memorial Day weekend of 2011, and have yet to receive a contract.  We also had to track down a representative of the park to give us a tour, so Mike and I largely winged-it ourselves.  As much as it pains me to give up on GEP, there are too many variables, which my parents helped me to see:  weather, shuttle buses, distance to bathrooms, drinks in a confined space, location.  However, there is a way around this.  We can still take pictures at GEP prior to the ceremony!  My mom proposed getting transportation for the wedding party and immediate family, pre-nuptials - enjoying the GEP grounds through photographs with ceremony ad celebrating at Carnegie. 
That I can do!

Then we started entertaining April dates, settled on two possibilities, then realized grad-school calendar would not allow for such.  Back to June dates.

I put a request in with the Carnegie Institue for June 19.  I'm not allowing myself to get excited, yet, until I hear the availability.  I hope, hope, hope, though that it is!

Oh, and we enjoyed a lovely Mother's day together as a family!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

50th Post!

I guess I like blogging. 
HA! Ok, I love it a whole-lotta-bunch and really love the opportunity to "be heard" (or read,  glanced, even stumbled upon).  I mean, I love the attention! (even if it's all in my head) 

Way back in high school I wanted nothing more than to be a writer, whatever that meant.  I turned to my journal to blab about everything and dramatize my woes.  I absolutely loved a good book (with many exceptions, mostly having to do with required reading for classes) and even scored a 5 out of 6 on our stupid standardized writing tests.  My first desired "major" in college was creative writing.  (However I never made it into UT's college of communication and then ended up transferring back home to FSU, where I majored in Elem. Ed.)  My love of writing even helped me BS my way through many college essays.  I still profess that I want to write kiddie lit, and will get around to it one day.

Since this blog's intended use is wedding planning, I shall try to stick to that.  It's just soooo much fun to talk about myself.
Instead, in this monumental 50th post I shall divulge how & when I knew Mike was "The One."

Mike and I only dated about 4 months before my teaching internship required me to move a whole 4 hours away, during my last semester of college.  Not only was this the most demanding semester of my entire undergraduate career, but also the semester I allowed for the most distractions.  Those distractions were all Mike's fault.  *smile*  (Disclosure: I maintained an A and did a great job in my internship and walked away learning a lot, still).

During our "long distance" jaunt, we saw each other every other weekend, at least.  The first time I realized we were in-it-to-win-it happened during one of our routine visits, with a not-so-routine twist.  Around that time I started having intense migraines.  I'm talking PAIN, here.  Pain so bad that in one instance my mother had to drive me to the Emergency Room because the discomfort was not only causing me to puke my guts out, but interrupted my speech patterns.  I couldn't talk coherently or form sentences because of the extreme badness of it all.  (At one point I told my mom something about chickens when trying to convey that I wanted an ambulance, and we were already at the hospital).

After a long day on the job, I started loosing my vision and knew a migraine was coming.  Mike, en-route to Orlando, knew my head hurt and promised a quiet evening.  He arrived to find me writhing in pain, in the pitch-dark bathroom, begging him not to talk so loudly and call my doctor immediately.  Nothing stayed in me, and I needed pain meds, or some relief, STAT.  Mike called my doc, who had no choice but to prescribe me the only option for relief.  Mike, being the amazing boyfriend he was (now fiancee), drove to the pharmacy and proudly comes back, glorious medicine in hand.   He then proclaimed (softly), "Good news! It's a suppository!"  WHOLE-LOTTA Sarcasm.

I'll spare you the details, but I managed to treat myself from there, and recover.  I know many men who shy away from even buying tampons at the store, let alone receive tips from the pharmacist from how to administer dosages, and then relay said instructions to their lady.

I knew from his dedication, concern, and desire to help that he would make a wonderful husband, and I wanted him to be exactly that.

Soon after that, when Mike put the idea of moving to DC on the table, I knew yet again that he was the man for me.  I'm no idiot girl who is going to throw away her life and follow some dude to some other place where she might as well drown her sorrows in Lifetime TV.  When Mike talked about moving to DC, I knew I was going with him for the next adventure in our lives together.    The ring came later, but that's just logistics.  I knew back in '05 that my man was named Mike S.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Featurette -- College Bestie/Super Mom

This shall kick-off a new series, featuring (on Fridays) a strong-female blogger(ette) and her world.
To start us off, read about a college bestie who is honored with the upcoming holiday, Mother's Day: 

I spent my freshman year of college at the fine institute of the University of Texas, in Austin, TX.  In short, it was the best mistake of my life.  I ended up transferring back home to FSU for the remainder of my time in college and graduating with a degree in Elementary Education.
Deciding to attend UT was me breaking out of the box, feeling my boundaries, and trying to prove my parents wrong.  I won't go as far as to say my parents were right and that's why I ended up at FSU, but I will agree that the opportunities in Florida outweighed Texas.

However, that year at UT rocked hardcore.  "Sublime awesomeness" merely compares.  I had the time of my life, and am surprised I remember it!
While the first weeks were a tough adjustment, I think the first weeks of college have the possibility to be tough for many -- and once my then-long-distance-boyfriend (now ex) and I both cheated on each other and I conceded that UT was home for the time being, I made friends.

I made some of the greatest gosh-darn friendships with the most genuine people ever, and I still keep in touch with them.
Somehow those long, inebriated nights which turned into early morning talk-fests still resonate in my memory.  The stupid choices we made remain some of my favorite decisions in life, and I have the tattoo to prove it.  I learned more about people in 6 months than I did the 18 years prior.

I wish I could say I became best friends with my roommate, but to live up to that cliche she would need to have stayed the night in the dorm for more than 3 total days.  Victoria Secret's 'Love Spell' remains my only memory of Stacy.  I laugh when I smell it, because I was able to tell when she was around by smelling that scent from down the hallway.
No, instead my favored friend was Joey, as I liked to call her.  We just 'got' each other.  She lived on the other side of the wall from me (I guess that makes us neighbors?), and it was easy to get each others' attention by pounding on the concrete slab that separated us.
Joey allowed me to tag along as she went home some weekends, as I couldn't easily pick up and fly home to FL.  I loved her family, just as much as her.  Jo introduced me to Blue October and solidified my admiration for DMB.  She made Texas seem not so bigger, as they claimed it to be.

She's a  funny, resilient, smart woman inside and out - including her awesome, red hair!  Her roller-coaster ride of a life might not be easy, but she always comes out shining brighter than before.

She's a mommy-blogger, too - and a darn good one.  Hop on over to Raising-Madison to read up on her adorable baby girl, who is recovering from hip-dyplasia.  Or check out one of her inspiring posts on her struggle with cancer.  And if things weren't crazy enough, hear how she got laid-off because of her devotion to her daughter's medical needs.

So before I unveil my huge photo surprise, a few words from the woman herself.

Q: What is your favorite memory from college?
A: Oh man, its impossible to pick a FAVORITE memory from college, there were so many good ones. Vicki and I had a knack for getting ourselves in really weird situations. Like finding an old headboard, setting it up in the hallway in the door and running & jumping over it like a hurdle in our pajamas. Or the time we toilet papered the study lounge on our floor and everyone got in trouble. Or that other time we stole a purple chair from Taco Cabana and I sat on it in the elevator at Jester. Those are all in my Top Ten for sure.
OMG. Joey I TOTALLY forgot about the study lounge, and the chair!  Hilarious!

Q:  How do you feel you've changed since UT?
A:  I am no longer that self-conscious girl looking for acceptance and love. I was always trying to make someone love me and wanting to fit in. I did things that where completely out of character to just fit in. I don't regret anything I did in college. I lived, I learned, I made some mistakes and had a LOT of fun in the process. But I grew up so much after UT. And just when I had gotten an apartment all by myself, decided I really loved who I was and focused on my job (which I was damn good at) I ended up meeting the love of my life. Funny how that works out.  

Q:  Did you ever imagine life to be as it is for you now?
A:  Yes and no. I mean, I always imagined that I'd get married and have a family someday. I'll admit that were a few years in my early 20s when I really wondered if that was ever going to happen for me.... and then it did. I married my best friend. We laugh a lot and are madly in love. He just gets me. And then we have this great house and some wonderful crazy strange dogs that we adore. And then there's Madison. The best thing I ever did. We made this beautiful baby and I just look at her and can't believe that she exists. She's my greatest accomplishment. She's so headstrong already and has this awesome little personality.

So yes, I imagined this life all the time and I can't believe I'm actually living it. 

Q:  What is your favorite wine?
A:  I'm pretty easy when it comes to wine. Oh Hell, who am I kidding? I'm pretty easy when it comes to most things. I think this is the point where I would insert a penis joke if I was like that, but I'm classy and totally not like that so I won't.
Wine. Ahhh yes, wine. I love Yellowtail, it is tasty and cheap. I've recently opened up my love of alcohol to include Franzia because I'm laid off and broke and that box LASTS. See? I'm totally saving my family money through my drinking, I rock.

Q:  Favorite quote?
A:  "Never take life seriously, nobody gets out alive anyway."  

And oh yeah, that John Mayer concert we went to, ten years ago, was pretty awesome.
(um, take note of where his hands are!) 

I love you Joey!  Happy First Mother's Day!!! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6 years together?!

Today, on Cinco de Mayo, Mike and I celebrate 6 years of being a couple.  I find it hard to believe that 6 years ago we first started dating.  It honestly does not seem that long!

To honor our anniversary, I will share with you the (short) story of how Mike and Vicki came to be, and how Cinco de Mayo isn't really our anniversary.

So waayyy back at FSU, I joined a co-ed service "fraternity" called Alpha Phi Omega.  I met a lot of friends there, but not Mike.  We did community service together and it seems like everyone dated each other, among our "families."  It was socialization at its finest.  I met a very good friend through APO, Adam Emling.  Adam died tragically almost 3 years ago.  I digress...Adam was one of my roommates at 1300A Rumba Lane.  That townhouse had a faulty foundation and sat on a 3 degree tilt with awful landlords that tried to keep our security deposit for no good reason.  Amazing, fun times were had at 1300A.
I find myself lost in nostalgia right now.  Maybe this won't be the short version of Mike/Vicki.

So my roommate Adam had a good friend from back home, who we'll call Guy.  I kinda messed up Guy's life for a little while, and for that I feel very badly and will honor his anonymity.  Love makes you do crazy things.
I met Guy through Adam, and Guy and I started dating.
(Congrats if you're still with me, it gets better.)
Guy said to me one day, something along the lines of, "I've got this friend, Mike, who is in Central America right now, and I know you two would get along."
Yeah, he didn't know just how well we'd get along.

After a few of us moved out of 1300A (the good times were just too much for me!), Guy and Eddie (a groomsman) moved in.  I met Mike as "the guy on the couch" at 1300A.  Mike observed Shabbat on Friday nights, so he was limited to how he got around and did not spend any money.  On Friday nights you could count on fro-y-haired Mike to crash on the couch, and I could count on stellar conversations late through the night. (Even though I didn't live at 1300A anymore, I found myself there all the time.  I wonder if that house is still standing?!)

So here's where I start looking like a total sleaze-bag and a serial-monogamist.  But hey, at least I'm being honest and owning up to my decisions.
I broke it off with Guy because I started having feelings for this Mike guy.
This all happened some time around the end of spring semester.
Mike and I started dating, but promised each other it was nothing serious, as I had dabbled in my share of guys during that year (again, sleaze at my finest), and was leaving Tallahassee in the fall to start my internship in Orlando.

Once Mike and I realized we were in-it-to-win-it, we also realized we had NO idea when we first started dating.  None, aside from the end of spring semester '04.
So we picked a date around that time that we knew would always have good drink specials, so we can go out and celebrate!
And thus, Cinco de Mayo is our anniversary, for the couple who had no idea what was to happen 6 years later.

Now, to plan a wedding!
(And Happy Anniversary to my love, Mike!)
 Mike and Vicki, 5/2004

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovely Ladies & Gallant Gents

Who needs a wedding website when you can blog about it?  Well, eventually Mike and I will create a "wedsite" - like when we actually decide on a date and venue.

For now, continue reading on said blog  for detailed awesomeness of our plans, lack of plans, and the ladies & gents who will stand witness as Mike and I exchange vows.

Don't ask me what my bridesmaids will wear, because depending on the day you'll get a different answer.  I do know that I want it to be knee length -- none of this floor length, fancy-pants stuff.  I'm just not that type of gal.

I can tell you names of important people (aka bridesmaids/groomsmen) are: Kathryn (a longtime, family friend of Mike's turned girl friend of mine), Diana (coworker turned bestie and go-to-person who always saves my ass), Meagan (highschool bestie, a tried and true friend who always comes through) and my matron-of-honor is my siiiiiister, Marlo (love her!).  We musn't neglect to mention little miss Eleanor (niece), my flower girl!

Then men representin' are:  Rob Jay (he's a first name/last name person, a friend of Mike's from his stint in Israel, a true mensch, and a Brit to boot!), Eddie (FSU buddie/roommate extraordinaire and the brother I never wanted), Todd (a mutual bestie of the couple and a favorite person all around), and the best man will be Mike's bro, Danny (100% good guy, heart of gold, and truly a best man).

Photo Montage!!

For some odd reason, I have NO pictures of Meagan, which is a travesty.  This could be attributed to our limited once-a-year engagements (aka Christmas visits), which we spend the total time talking and catching up and forgetting to take pictures.  (side-note: It should be noted that Meg and I have matching cats.)

And Eddie, all pictures of you are crazy, funny, and wild - so I picked my favorite of the bunch.  Maybe I'll do a post dedicated to the  many faces of Eddie.

So there ya have it!  Those are the 'besties of the resties', can't wait to see ya'll dressed up!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Engagement Photos

I shared these on Facebook, but now I'm realizing the following I have, which is totally awesome!  If you're stopping by from SITS or any other source, please leave some comment love!

So to all my new followers and friends, and my tried-and-true followers, please enjoy a photo montage from our Engagement Photo Shoot.  Our friend, Emily Goodstein, of Wild N Crazy Pearl, is not only a blogger at her finest, but also a photographer-extraordinaire.  She met us at the zoo to capture the moments, and got some great shots!

And if you don't know the story of our proposal (the reasons we took the photos at the zoo), read about it here and find the video link there, too! 

More photos can be found by clicking on this post's title.
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