Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 70th to my Dad!

I never hesitate to answer the question about the relevance of today's date.
The anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
Nope -
My dad's birthday!

Apparently my grandma used to say that my dad was born when they dropped the first bomb on Pearl Harbor. (bad joke, but com'on -  laugh)
And so today I tell you again that sure, it's Pearl Harbor day, but it's also the anniversary of the beginning of my dad's life!

I get my blonde, fine hair (fingers crossed mine sticks around... sorry, Dad!), my allergies, and affinity for sweets from him.  We have the same face, too.  He taught me at a young age how to throw a curve ball and I still know how. If I had been a boy, my name would be akin to his.  Basically I am my dad, in girl form.

I inherited his genuine desire for everyone to always feel comfortable, probably because he did a good job of taking care of me. And recently his acts of kindness brought tears to my eyes as I watched him hand a dollar to a veteran begging in the median of a highway. (Probably because city living calloused me to sadly ignore such people.) He goes out of his way to help others and if I can simply pass that on one day, then I feel a piece of him will always be with me (not that he's going anywhere, anytime soon!)

Happy 70th Bday, Daddy-o.

Oh oh, in celebration of my dad's 70th, today only I am offering free shipping on my Scentsy siteYou must email me with the order & payment info for me to cover the shipping costs, though!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wedding Highlights Video!

You might remember we debated hiring a videographer.
But if we didn't, then you'd miss out on the awesome details of our wedding, me sighing dreamily during my husband's vows, our first dance as we muddled through it, us on chairs for the Horah, and even some Rogge-Rabbit dancing action.

Need a pick me up and to smile all dopey-like?
Then there's this (only 4.30 min long!):

which I love, love, love!
Also? I love my sister's speech and am so glad he opened with it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Trash the Dress!

So after walking around Georgetown & the woods, taking pictures under and on top of old bridges, we finally made our way to the Potomac River
(which is not all that romantic as these pictures make it out to be).

And stared at it.
Was I seriously going to get in that mess?

Good thing I wore my peacock boots.

And a 1, and a 2, and a....

I got in.
But not very far.

But far enough to make my dress all floaty on the water!

I love these two pictures!

No, Simba is not behind me.
That is what the rocks in the Potomac River actually look like.

And then I got out of the nasty water.

We like to look at each other (and were done taking pictures).

I included this one because my face & body language are hysterical.
I swear I'm happy to be married to this man!

I'm thinking about the dry cleaning bill this will incur...

if you're curious.

but did you see those pictures?!

Studio Juno Photography.  You have not seen the last of my business!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Get Physical

...therapy that is - Physical and Occupational therapy.

My silly index finger thankfully does not need surgery, but it does need a good amount of bend-point-and-straighten working out to slim it down and allow for better dexterity. 
Oh to make a fist again...

My gimpy finger, now taped to my middle finger, uses the buddy system.  Gimp finger follows the third finger around and bends when it bends and such.  Basically it's showing my non-working finger the ropes again.  It does make giving the bird harder, though.

And then there's the sensation aspect.  Aparently when you slice your nerve and it grows back, touching things makes you want to crawl out of your skin.  Let me tell you how much I despise sliding my hand through the sleeve of my jean jacket or wool coat. AHHHHH ::nails on the chalkboard feeling:: !

So there's help for that too.
It's called desensitizing and teaching my nerve that things feel normal.
This involves tapping, brushing, and rubbing pieces of moleskin, cotton, felt, velvet, towel, and working up to tolerating velcro loops, velcro hooks, my hair, denim [::shudder::], and upholstery.
I also get to stick my hand in containers of macaroni, dry beans, rice, and popcorn and force myself to not slap the poor, nice lady teaching me how to "feel" again.

It's pretty much the oddest thing to watch.

Honestly, you should see the faces I make. 
It's pretty hysterical.

But I guess any time you slice your finger down to the bone & then  need occupational therapy to recover falls under a pretty comical, unbelievable scenario.

PSA:  be careful with knives, y'all.  As my 4 year old niece reminded me, "They're dangerous. Use a butter knife"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Over the Bridge

Now, compared with yesterday's photos, which one would you choose for a New Year's card?!

These are some of my favs, for obvious reasons.  They are from out "day after/trash the dress" shoot.  The next question, is which one to make into a large canvas print?!

{all lovelies by Studio Juno}

Monday, November 28, 2011

Under the Bridge

Which of these would make a good new year's card?!?!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


...for these special people in my life,

especially this guy!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
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