Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Carnegie Institute of Washington, DC

Just when DC seemed too expensive and no additional venues exist in our price point, The Carnegie Institute comes through!  With turn-of-the-century, exquisite architecture and a stunning rotunda, The Carnegie manages to impress and inspire, all within our budget. 
Tables and chairs are included, and pricing is a-la-cart for the venue.  You want the rotunda but not the auditorium? You can price it like that.  Or maybe you want the portico added on but not the board room?  They can do that too.  The staff is helpful, pleasant, and agreed to meet with us the same day I requested information.  We even ran into Ralph Nader.  Mike suggested I introduce myself as someone who actually voted for him (story for another time), but I chickened out.
Back to the venue.  It's gorgeous, in Dupont (an area of DC we frequent and live close to), and does not require shuttle buses, tents or anything extra.  They offer a 2 week courtesy hold, after which you can choose to make a deposit or cancel.  However, now Mike and I are wondering if a Memorial Day weekend wedding might be better for his grad-school schedule? At any rate, we are currently in love with The Carnegie Institute:
Only a few days left to help us win a $100K wedding!
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My old journal

I went looking for my old journal from high school, the other day, and flipped through the pages.  I was such an emotional teenager, I swear I don't know how my parents kept up with me.  All the time I thought was the one dealing with it alone.
At any rate, while thumbing through the pages I came across an entry entitled "Read at Wedding."  The date reads 1/29/2000, 10:24pm, while babysitting at the Saxtons.  (At this point, as a single girl, I wrote this as what I wanted from a "man.")

"I wonder how solid and definite I am when it come to certain topics.  There's love waiting somewhere and yet I don't know where.  I want it.  I want simple bliss and overwhelming euphoria.  I want my soul to long for that person.  I want a surge of excitement to flow through me when I see his face.  I want the comfort of knowing I can rely on him for anything.  I wan physical contact and sweet kisses.  I want to run into his arms and cry.  I want to roll down grassy hills and laugh 'til it hurts.  I want daisies for no reason and cards just because.  Most importantly, I want to feel wonderful and never second guess how loved I am, because with another to take me in every way I will be complete and devote and safe."

Looking back at that I feel silly knowing I wrote that.  Again, my teenage years were slightly emotional and dramatic. Still, it's not that far off.

Only a couple days left for us to potentially get into the top-50 and win a dream wedding!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My dream dress!

Mike, stop reading.
Even though I know you will not fully comprehend what I'm writing about (I'm not trying to downplay your intelligence - wait, Mike are you still reading this? Seriously. Turn away - I want to surprise you on TBD)

We may not have a venue, or even a date, but I know what I want in a dress and I found her!
I love fit-n-flare, love lace, love embroidery, love silk organza - and that is everything in Dylan.  I'm not one to spend hours making a decision, so it is very fitting that it only took me 5 stores to find My Dress.
When my sister, Marlo, visited we (with Kathryn and Diana) went to Hitched and Carine's in Georgetown, which all put me in dresses over my price point.  While this was a huge tease, it did also help me to see what works and what doesn't.  Ruching is hugely forgiving and flattering, lace is elegant but overpowering at times, and true-white brings out the blue tones in my skin and makes me look pasty.  From there we tried Priscilla's of Boston and David's Bridal.  At David's my sister forced me try on a poufy dress that make me look like a duck. It was horrible and funny all at the same time.  However the quality in David's fabrics leave a lot to be desired after looking at so many designer dresses.  Priscilla's of Boston had  my heart and just 3 days later I was back at their sample sale trying on every dress in the sale.
My bridesmaid Diana came, along with my work-wife, Julia. Diana picked out great dresses (and dresses that were a reach, but still good to try) while Julia helped me in and out of dress-poufiness.  Ladies, if you ever find yourself at a sample sale be prepared with the proper bra.  I'll spare you my bra-craziness.  I tried on Dylan first and liked her immediately but with 50 other dresses on sale, why stop there?  We kept going and trying and modeling and loosing my bra... then I saw a dress in my pile with eye-lit embroidery on silk organza, with a drop waist and huge potential. I squealed, "Oh, what about that one?! Have I tried that one yet?"  Turns out that was Dylan, the first dress I already tried.  I was admiring her on the hanger, which says a lot for some wedding dresses, and put her on again.  We took pictures and emailed them to my sister.  While waiting for a response we tried on other dresses. None compared to the unique quality of Dylan, which meets every detail I want in a dress.  I put on Dylan again and the consultant gave me a mesh face veil - perfect!  When I called my mom to tell her, I was nervous she might tell me not to buy it, since we never tried on dresses together.   We emailed her pictures and she loved it too.  At 75% off the discounted price, how could I go wrong?
As a sample Dylan needs minor work:  three buttons to replace (or move others around), a small snag which should relax with pressing/cleaning, a small tear in the small train (which can easily become another embroidered eye-lit), and the bow.  Good-lord the bow.  It's a saggy, ugly mess.  Not to mention it's a BOW.  I don't do bows.  I instead envision a feather and mesh accent with a black or navy rhinestone/gem center and a headpiece to match.  I plan on finding a seamstress that specializes in wedding dresses (already have one recommended and the name of the costume designer for The Kennedy Center in waiting too).  To cover my shoulders during the ceremony I envision a lace shrug -- all very vintage and elegant.
So, I've got my wedding dress!  How surreal!  Now Mike and I can elope in style... just kidding!
(no pictures, in-case Mike does read this...which he SHOULD NOT!)

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I want from a wedding...

Many people ask me what I want our big day to look like, and I honestly have no major desires, aside from friends, family and a good times.  However if you want me to get down to the nitty-gritty here are random thoughts of what I think is nice:
*a fun feel, nothing too fancy (but it's a wedding so no shorts or jeans, please!)
*definitely not black tie (prob no tuxes, more like suits for the guys)
*nothing stuffy or uppity because that's not who we are, we are relaxed
*no color scheme yet, but leaning towards: brown/turquoise or shades of purple
*I want blue shoes for my something blue
*If we can accent the wedding with a vintage vibe, that would be cool
*my flower girl (niece) might wear a tu-tu
*fish & fishbowls would make a fun centerpiece, with a few flowers around them
*I could care less what chairs or silverware  are used/look like
*Mike wants a band, I am leaning towards a DJ but am cool with the idea of a band
*the photographer is very important to me and is budgeted accordingly
*we don't have a huge budget, but considering DC is one of the most expensive places to get married, our budget is on the medium-high end for other places (just medium for DC)
*I'd like to have matchboxes with our names on them b/c I like taking them from others' weddings :)
*I want a chocolate cakes because that is my all-time favorite dessert
*the cake will have white icing still
*I have no idea about flowers, but I like daisies and peonies
*Paper lanterns make nice decorations
*a V-neckline with empire waist style of dress is flattering on all body types and one of my favorite styles, so I am leaning towards that for the girls, but am not opposed to having them all wear different styles at their comfort levels
*my girls (bridesmaids) will wear knee length dresses
*we will have a rehearsal & rehearsal dinner the night before
*the bachelor/bachelorette party will both be in DC and NOT immediately preceding the wedding

We need over 650 votes to move on to the next round for the $100K wedding.  Only one week left!
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Friday, March 19, 2010


Last night Mike and I watched the Pixar flic Up.  Maybe this seemingly long week (on the brink of spring break) intensified my need for couch-time, or perhaps this head-cold brought out extra sappy emotions, or as the case may be Up just makes you cry.  I recall four separate times I cried.  Once I even full on, let go, cathartic-ally wept.  (I'll let Mike defend the few drops of moisture that crept out the crevice of his eyes.)
I struggle with the thought of older folks being alone, or even feeling alone.  Hell, I'm lying if I deny that personal loneliness scares me.  The first ten minutes of the film build up such strong character bonds between the couple, that when {SPOILER ALERT} Ellie dies, I found myself a mess.  When Shady Oaks came for Carl I felt so helpless for him, and surprise, cried.  Oddly, Russell expressing his desire for more attention from his dad (was his dad dead?) caused me to well up again.  Then towards the end when Carl finally lets the house go to stand simply as a structure, and not a vessel for memories, tears gushed from deep inside.
Mike turned to me, held me and so sweetly said, "I'm excited to grow old with you."  More tears.
The Beatles song "When I'm 64" came to mind and I sang a little bit, through tissue blown sobs.
I'm excited for our adventures as we embark on the rest of our lives together, but I'm never watching Up again unless I want to bawl.  It's going on my mental bookshelf next to The Story of Us and Stepmom (the movies I never watch again but enjoy just because they caused me to emote in some strong way).
Time for some Annie Hall.

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"
-Robert Browning

Oh, we still want to win that dream wedding, but need about 150 more VOTES!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Decatur House, revisited

After visiting The Arts Club and deciding the house's layout leaved a lot to be desired, we sped over to The Decatur House to check it out again.  You may recall my earlier post about the Decatur House, where we were not entirely in love with the back-and-forth idea of ceremony outside, cocktails inside, and dinner/dancing back outside.  Well The Arts Club makes that arrangement seem like a cake-walk!  Concerned they closed soon, we rushed in and announced that we must see the place again, this time without an open bar and cake samples.  The lady at the desk looked at us and said "sure."  They stay open until 4 for need to rush, but somehow we needed  to see Decatur House again.  It HAD to be better than The Arts Club!
It was, or rather, is a better deal than the broken up, multi-level historic house aforementioned. 

So here's a picture montage of the venue for your viewing pleasure.  While we were very excited about this place after seeing it again, the tent rental is the main drawback.  Sugar Plum Tent Company has the exclusive rights as the tent vendor for Decatur House, which is great because of the discount.  Did you know that tent rentals are ridiculously expensive?  And did you know that if you want the poles covered, or tent lined with pretty poofy stuff, or sparkly lights added - it costs a pretty penny, to boot?
While the rental cost of the actual space is reasonable, the required addition of the tent is $3,000.  Put together, Decatur House will cost the same to rent as The Women's Museum.    The Women's Museum holds more of my heart than The Decatur House.
Decatur House, you're a beauty, but you're out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just as pubescent girl succumbs to the straps of her training-bra, seemingly so oddly placed and in need of constant adjustment, I too no longer notice 'it'.  I remember first trying to wear those things and how they just bothered me.  Why adorn this thing that stands as a derailment of my youth?  Now I no longer think twice and rather notice if 'it' is not there.
The same, sadly, happened with my ring.  (No, I  did not loose it.) 
The first time I tried on my engagement ring was magical.  I stared at it forever, so shiny.  I even wore  it over my glove (it needed to be sized), easily flashing my new favorite piece of jewelry to everyone who asked, or didn't. But honestly the band bothered me. Not the style, or color, or any aesthetic detail, rather it stuck out as a new object I needed to get accustomed to wearing.  The thickness oddly rubbed between my fingers and my mind was always on the fact that it was there.  Someone told me that 4 prong rings hold diamonds less perfectly than 6 prongs.  I then became obsessed with checking to make sure the diamond was still there, that the prongs still held my precious.
Now, twice, I looked down at my left hand to make sure the sparkle remained and it winked back at me.  I expected not to see it.  I felt like it was gone, but it was there.  My hand, body, and mind accept this once foreign object as a permanent resident.  Instead of second guessing it fell off, I know my ring, my symbol of betrothal, I know it's there.
However, I now notice when I take it off, if I take it off.  My hand, body, and mind expect this ring to remain on my hand.  I feel naked without it.
I look forward to putting on a wedding band and the feeling of newness and adjustment.  Mostly, I look forward to never taking it off and noticing when I do.  I anticipate the feeling of knowing those symbols stand for my commitment to Mike and our bond of togetherness, forever.  I love it, just as I love Mike.

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A few more venue posts to come, after this weekend of dress hunting with my sister!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Arts Club of Washington

Simply by checking out  the website for The Arts Club of Washington, you will understand everything at once.  Instead of boring you with details of how the historic house requires splitting up the entire party (for a 150+ wedding) into different rooms of the house and guests cannot all be seated for the ceremony, I inundate you with photos.  This venue is wonderful for an amateur photographer. 
While "standing room only" does conjure up images of a popular event that many are dying to attend, it simply is not the environment desired for my wedding vows.  I think "comfortably seated" or at least guaranteeing my guests a place to plop their rear is a nice gesture.  The Arts Club thinks otherwise.   We could look to their courtyard for extra space, except the quaint hotel next door requires all live music to cease after 10pm.  The Arts Club prefers all live music inside only, to avoid confrontations with neighbors.   Also, you must work with their caterer, but at least they provide tables, chairs, and linens as part of the cost.  The cost is reasonable, at $3,000 after joining The Club ($500), and begins at $85/person, drinks extra.    However let's not forget that as an Arts Club there are museum floors where red wine is not permitted.  Oh and again, everyone is assigned to a different room.  I feel like I would wander around searching for people and never find them.
Enjoy the photo montage, because once we found out their coordinator phoned in a no-show for our meeting, we nixed this place:

We need help getting to 500+ votes!

Wedzilla & The National Museum of Women in the Arts

We showed up a day early at the Nat'l Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) for the Weddzilla Rock the Launch party, which turned out a good thing.  [We'll get back to Weddzilla].  As we rushed in I noticed wayyyyy tooo many men in suits.  I asked someone official about the Bridal Open House.  That was tomorrow.  Oops.
But, Oh. My. G-d:
the marble floors, the double-Cinderella staircases, the super-high ceiling, the columns, the lighting...
Mike and I audibly gasped at the beauty.

And back again for the Weddzilla Rock the Launch party the next night, we were greeted with a line OUT THE DOOR.  [BTW, The Weddzilla website was still in the works last I checked.  Ironic that I already attended the launch party.]  Weddzilla is the alternate to, with a kick and more flair, from what I understand.  We will need to wait and see about that, though.
When we finally entered the par-tay, the women all received a little tote bag filled with fliers, business cards, and the like.  Oh, and a Mervis Diamond or CZ -- mine was CZ.  The mile-long line for the two bars took only ten minutes for my 3/4 cup glass of wine.  No worries though; I had more by the time the evening ended.  We stayed for awhile because of all the venders to see and food to eat.  We must not forget the silent auction, either.  Or Steve Kemble.  Who, you ask?  My thoughts exactly.  This evening he wore a sequened-studded suit jacket and offered a 30-minute phone consultation featuring his expert services.  When I saw no one bid on him, I wrote down the opening bid, to get things going and because I felt bad.  [Do not bid on things because you FEEL badly.] Honestly, I thought that if I won the worst would be I donated $95 to Children's Hospital in exchange for advice from a very flamboyant gay man who has Red-Carpet Fashion Police status.  Well that is exactly how it happened.  I am $95 poorer and hope to eventually receive some great insight into planning TBD (the big day).
We were impressed by the service at this venue.  It only took asking one person who might help us and we found ourselves in the freight elevator with Kelly, representing the Women's Museum.  She fantastically whisked us away to her office, provided us with pricing sheets and a list of preferred vendors.  She even mentioned the "off-season" price could be applied to our March date. 
The advantages to this site:  GORGEOUS, all indoors, metro-accessible, centrally located, stunning, can easily hold 150-200 guests
The things that make me cry: price, price, price ($10K for space ONLY), that's all!

Don't forget to VOTE for us to win a $100K wedding!  We've broken 330!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off topic....

But still on the topic of weddings (just not venue-centric)

You might know I teach the future of America, in our nation's capital.  Well, DCPS posted their 2010-2011 school calendar today. While not an official posting, they seek feedback for this beta schedule. My feedback is this: WHY did you NOT put SPRING BREAK in MARCH 2011?  Every time someone asks for my wedding date I say some round-about answer detailing how DCPS has not published a calendar but we are aiming for March 2011.  Then, of-course, DCPS comes out saying LATE APRIL 2011.  Not even early April... late.

I read this date change while my students were in class*.  "What's wrong Ms. W?" one student prods.  "Oh nothing [nameless student]. I just can't get married when I want to."  I reply.   "Why not?  Why not just do it?"  At this point the rest of the present students chime in, "Sometimes you just hafta do it when you want to, like at recess."  I'll ignore the recess part of this, because I simply did not want to understand that part - but rather go with the obvious... to paraphrase the inspirational quote of the 26th prez**: these cards dealt to me are horrible, I'm making lemonade.  (We were playing Uno.)

All in all, now that DCPS announced the next school year calendar, did it solidify a wedding date for me? NO -it confused me even more.  Let's just hope we WIN this contest and our lives become simpler.

*I know I should not check these things while students are in my presence, however in an after-school enrichment class, things are different...slightly.

**"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." -- Theodore Roosevelt

Top of The Town

The day we visited Top of the Town's (TOTT) open house was a crap-tastic day at work for me.  This clouded my judgment entirely, but it really doesn't matter because we are too big for this place.  I do not intend that in a snooty way, I just mean our guest list is too large for this space.....that and we are too cool for this joint. :)

The caterer was nice and mentioned that they understood Kashrut (keeping kosher) for Mike's family members that observe, but nice in an over-explainatory way.  That aspect aside, the open bar was meager and the vendors gave me no free cake.  I want my free cake.  I got a plastic, light-up cup that we left behind.
To focus on the venue, TOTT lies at the penthouse of some big condo building in Arlington, VA.  [I promise I am trying to give you the basics but I just don't care about this venue].  The breathtaking view features the National Mall with the Memorials showcased. 
The pro's:  priced fairly (do not recall exactly how much), indoor venue for March's unpredictable weather, and that's all
The con's:  small space, the switch-a-roo between the ceremony and dinner would be painstakingly ugly (although we were assured no one would notice the pre-set tables shoved to the side that they lift into place and move all the chairs around), interior not all that beautiful, no live music on Sundays or after 11, in Virginia

Sorry, no pictures because this place is not for us, and I came directly from work.
TOTT, you're out.
But voting is STILL ON!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Decatur House

The first time we visited the Carriage House at the Decatur House I was not sold.  Mike called for rental information and we were immediately invited to their open house that night. Arioth, the Director of Special Events, comped us 2 tickets without thought.  As our first open house, we were overwhelmed.  Special props go to Mike who arrived thirty minutes before me and held his own.  In fact, many people complimented him on attending solo, saying things like, "You never really see that in a groom-to-be."  That's right ladies - that's my man!  Mike is really interested in the planning of the wedding and is oh-so-helpful, seriously.  He even created our Excel spreadsheet, which I still don't understand - but at least he does.
Anyways, Decatur House is a historic house built in 1816 and the home of some dead guy who died in a dual, but had presidential hopes.  Death will definitely squelch those hopes.  The Carriage House is just that - the old site of the stables and the garage.   The high ceilings give it an open feel and the adjacent courtyard shines in spring. 
So Decatur House was decent, nice, okay - on first review.  Maybe all those preferred vendors and crazy traffic crowded my brain because the only appealing detail was the open bar and free cake samples.  However, Arioth came through again and took the time to talk business with us, discussing details of a 150+ attendance and assuring us it works in their space.
The things I'm not keen on:  renting a tent for the courtyard ceremony ($!),  having to do a switch-a-roo post-ceremony by having cocktail hour inside then heading back outside for dinner/dancing, the bathrooms need a facelift (2 stalls), small bridal room (TINY)
Intriguing mind-changers:  cost is on the high-end of decent ($6,000), Arioth is on her game, it is RIGHT NEXT TO THE WHITE HOUSE -- they could be neighbors (think pictures! and ease of transport!)

Overall, we were not amazingly impressed - but we will revisit this place again.
However, Bridal Open Houses are wicked-awesome.  We learned to bring a bag to all future open-houses.
I am currently working on my wedding-ideas binder where I will house all these business cards.
(Sorry, no pictures as I came directly from work.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Stinkin' EXCITED!

Why? Because one of the MOST awesome women in the world is coming to visit me.  She's super successful, highly likable, tres fashionable, and a vegetarian to boot.  Some, well most, people say we look alike.  We should, she's my sister.
I love my sister, Marlo, so much.  With 7 years  and 9 months separating us, I grew up wanting to do everything she did.  I'm sure she loved this at times.  So maybe she hung my stuffed animals out the window of a moving car while on road trips, at least I didn't mean to kick her when we shared a bed on those trips.   I can even forgive the countless times she forced me to clean up a bug while babysitting me;  I now know how to trap, catch and release a roach without having to smush it.  From fashion to musical influences, I thank Marlo for introducing REM to me in middle school. In high school I turned to her for advice, and she helped me cope with many boy-situations successfully.  By my college years, we were the closest ever - it's true what they say about age and siblings, the older you get the closer you become.  I absolutely love her family, too: my brother-in-law is a great guy and my niece is the best kid I've ever met (might be a little biased here).  Even her animals are cute!
She proved to be a great role model (still is), and now I can't wait to share the experience of dress-shopping with her!  Next weekend we shall shift through satin and lace to begin the search for my perfect wedding gown. 

Aaandd, help us reach 300 by voting!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Glen Echo Park

Glen Echo Park is a magical place situated on the edge of DC, in Maryland.  Once an amusement park, now it houses art classes, dance competitions, childrens puppet shows, acting and theater classes, glass-works studios, calligraphy, and more artistically fun things.   All of the old buildings are refurbished and available for rent.

I love the feeling from this space.  It says casual, yet fun;  unique, yet not too out there. The Bumper Car Pavilion nicely accommodates our 200ish-person guest list.  Taken straight from Glen Echo's site, here are the spec's:

"The Bumper Car Pavilion was built in 1923 during the amusement park era of Glen Echo Park. This versatile facility offers great views of the Park and is a unique setting for small to medium-sized wedding receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs, and corporate events. The Bumper Car Pavilion is available to rent throughout the year, but as the Pavilion is neither heated nor air conditioned, peak rental times are from April through June and September through October.
  • The Pavilion can hold up to 200 people for a dinner and a dance and up to 350 for a standing reception.
  • Stage with sound system
  • Adjustable clear plastic side curtains"
Also worthy of note, because Glen Echo is a National Park, you cannot have hard liquor.  Yes, you heard right.  Only beer, wine, and champagne permitted in this fine venue.  We have dreams of great Sangria served in lieu of dirty martinis, but shots.  I asked for ways around this, but alas, no hard liquor.
On the plus side, Glen Echo runs CHEAP!  We're talking $2,500 for the whole day, including ceremony.  However on the down-side, we need shuttles to allow our friends to really enjoy themselves -- so at  the end of the night they do not drive home on the little one-lane road.
At that rental price, shuttles are affordable.
Time to do some math, but not before a ride on the carousel.

Some of you might know of my dad's affinity for carousel horses.  He spent his summers at Rocky Glen Amusement Park near Scranton, PA, painting the horses to prepare for the fall season.  My grandpa ran the 'Guess Your Weight' game, and the antique scale still resides in our family garage.
Vintage amusement parks have a special place in my heart.

VOTE for us:  250 and counting!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Great Venue Search, Charlie Brown

Except no cute, bald-headed, awkwardly dancing cartoon characters...
(unless you count my dad... just kidding, Daddy!)

We are planning on having The Big Day here in DC.  After living here for 5 years, we now call our nation's capital our new home.  Plus, our close friends are here and family will travel anywhere.

The hardest thing about planning a wedding in DC will be not intimately knowing the area.  You could ask me where to go for great jazz music, the best dive bar, the wine-bar with the most ambiance, the most favorable place to catch a cab, the newest bar in Adams Morgan, the restaurant with the hottest waiters, the pub with the least-smelly bathrooms, or really anything involving food and/or alcohol and BAM, I would have an answer.  But where to get married?  Alls I gots is: The White House.  And I have a feeling no amount of money would get our party in that door.

I am, however, blessed to have Allison Jackson (Owner/Creator/Goddess of Pineapple Productions) as one of my Roommoms and parent of a student in my class (obvi).  How lucky am I?  Allison has not only come through with answers to several random questions (ie: What is considered the "normal" size for a guest list?) but also a list of 10+ quality venues for our wedding.  Thank G-D!

And so it begins.  I look at the websites, write down the info, groan over prices, mull over what they include (and who knew you had to pay for table cloths? *Ahem* Linens), and commit my next 4 to 6 Saturdays looking at empty dance halls as if they were mine.

We will start our virtual tour, commencing next post, with the lovely Glen Echo Park.
Don't forget to VOTE!  We are working on 250 votes!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Bling

I mean, the ring...

Interesting little story here.  Did you expect any less?
So Mike and I both get our hairs-cut  at VSL Salon in Dupont.  A colleague recommended David to me and my hair has never seen a bad cut.  He does amazing things with my hair, knows it and me so well.  David, my stylist of 5 years, has graciously agreed to do my hair for TBD (The Big Day). But I digress.  Mike sees Eve, who happens to be David's BFF!  The two are inseparable as far as stylist and friends go, and Mike and I are so lucky to call them 'ours.'
Eve recently got engaged too!  As I understand it, Eve had a big say in the her ring and found her rock at a locally owned/operated store.  She told Mike of this place, gave him a name to drop, and they had some good quality haircutting-conversations leading up to Mike's purchase.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Eve for her guidance to Mike.  Because of her, I have this:

Is it tacky to mention that my Dharma is bigger than a carat?   Because she is.  And yes, you read that right.  I named my diamond.  Dharma the non-materialistic diamond.
 I luuuurrve her.
And you bet she's insured!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top 20 things I said/thought soon after getting engaged...

(In no particular order)

1) Finally, new pots and pans (registry)!
2) I wonder what my Exes will say?!
3) I made it past the teenage AND dating years!
4) White or Ivory (dress color)?
5) Do I HAVE to wear ivory?!

6) I wonder if I qualify for prenups.
7) I'm not giving Mike complete-shared-custody of Penny Lane. (49%/51%)
8) Ohhh, a KitchenAid Mixer! (registry, again)
9) My niece will be sooo super cute as a flower girl!
10) Will I hyphenate?

11) I want a Mandolin! (registry...)
12) Hell, no, I'm not hyphenating! Wxxxxxxxxx-Sxxxxxx? Please!
13) What will my colors be? I HATE pink!
14) How will I get around my pink-aversion with flowers?
15) I must buy a wedding magazine, stat.

16) I could buy 2 more cars for the price of a wedding!
17) What would Mike have done if I said no? (not likely, at all)
18) Do people try to steal engagement rings?
19) So that's how you slap-a-b!tch, engagement-ring-style. OUCH that would hurt!
20) I get to be with Mike for the rest of my life!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ultimate Wedding anyone?

Mike and I are trying our hardest to win an "ultimate wedding" worth $100K from Crate N Barrel. We only need to be in the top 50 vote-getters to move on to the next round, so help us out! Click on the link above and vote for us! If you have multiple email addresses then delete your cookies, or sign out first, then vote again!
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