Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not So Picture Perfect

Randa, from The Bewitchin' Kitchen, is a newlywed!  Her recent wedding provided many great photo-opps, but I'll let her tell you more about that below!  She's got a great blog with awesome giveaways *ahem...Dysoncontactme...ahem* and even though she's all the way up in Canada, she's just a tweet away!

I really shouldn't complain. I was fortunate enough to have a beautiful wedding and everything went beautifully. No guests got too drunk and made a scene (okay one or two decided to throw up, one right outside the main doors and one right in front of the empty candy bar, but I left by that point so I really don't care). However, when I got my wedding photos I did have an issue with a couple of them...

First off, I want to state that this was not the fault of my photographer. She did a wonderful job, this was a little detail ALL of us had a hard time noticing. My husbands brother (one of the groomsman) kept having his sunglasses on in the photos, which I mean mistakes happen BUT we had to constantly tell him to take them off and he just kept putting them back on. (The same thing happened with my husband's father...which was really upsetting when we got the photos back, which we don't really care about because we never planned on blowing those pictures up.)

Here is what made me really sad. There was ONE SHOT, that is just beautiful. We planned on blowing it up and having it magnificently framed in our living room. It was the photo we were the most excited about seeing...and this is what we noticed when we got it back...
It's truly a beautiful shot. A great photo to have up in my house, but those damn glasses! Luckily, we have another beautiful group shot...

But it's just not the same, the last photo was beautiful. This one is ... cute. With a little bit of comedy. I do have a couple of more photos with the sunglasses, but none that I care about. The first photo was one of the only photos I cared about, and that is why I am disappointed.

Really, I shouldn't complain. No one said negative things (to my knowledge) about me at my wedding, nothing embarrassing happened, everyone had a great time. But these photos last forever...

For more wedding photos check out The Bewitchin' Kitchen and find Wedding Wednesday!


  1. First I thought he was a jerk wearing sunglasses indoors... but having seen the pics, I must speak up for him. That looks like a pretty overcast sky, and I am so sensitive to that kind of super-bright white light I get migraines.

    So if I had been there I would have also kept my sunglasses on throughout.

    That said, his sunglasses don't really spoil the picture at all! He looks funny and quirky! :)

  2. Yeah I agree with the above commenter - it's not enough that I would think it's not a beautiful picture and one you should still blow up!

  3. I agree. You should still blow that one up!

  4. Blow it up! It was your wedding day and it's what happened. Regardless of Mr. Sunglasses, the day was beautiful.

  5. I am now a new follower to this blog--from Bewitchin' Kitchen. Some time I'll have to blog about all the things that happened at my wedding. And there were lots! You know, if I would have paid attention, maybe I would have realized that all that trouble meant I wasn't intended for him! But then why am I complaining? Without the marriage, I wouldn't have had my daughter!!

    Great blog!! And this blog's button is not posted on mine! I don't have a button yet, but I will get one eventually.

  6. Honestly, if you hadn't pointed it out, I would have just thought he was injecting his Mr Cool "I wear my sunglasses at night" personality into the whole thing!

    They don't clash with the jumping and exuberance of the wedding party, but I can see where you would want it to be *just* right and it isn't.

    With that said - your dress is gorgeous and both photos are FANTASTIC.

  7. Victoria...I added my something blue post I told you about so you could check it out.


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