Thursday, April 8, 2010

Procrastination, my middle name

I left work promptly at 4 today (as a teacher, my workday ends at 3:30 -stop hating me, because I bring home too much work, too often).  The road construction traffic I hit 5 minutes after leaving did not bother me in the slightest.  Once home, I took the dog on a nice long walk and then checked Facebook for another good 30 minutes.  Now here I am.
You see, I'm supposed to be doing my taxes that are due in a week.  I always trust them to a service because they are so daunting and I fear the IRS will show up one day and take my couch away, or something, if I mess up.  This year I decided to man up and try doing it myself.  I watch the tax guy do it every year, in 30 minutes time.  Why can't I try that?  I mean, he didn't go to school to do taxes, right?  um, right?!
I can teach kids how to add and stuff, so I think I can do my own taxes.
If I ever get around to it.

I'm really, really, good at putting things off.  When my insurance was busting my @$$ for $500 worth of bills that Workers Comp should have paid?  Yeah, I let that go for months because I didn't want to deal with it.  The time I needed to mail my friend's birthday present?  It got there the day of, maybe the day or even week after.  Let's not forget my report card comments that seem to write themselves the night before I hand them over.  [Let the record stand I finished my first 6 today, with 13 to go by Monday.  I will turn them in when I leave work Monday, not in the morning when I arrive!]

Ugh, Taxes.  I know there will be no lovely return check for me this year.  As a partner in my dad's company, the money I "earn" goes back into the company in my name.  So I make too much money as a teacher.  Ha! That's hilarious right there - a teacher making too much money.  Maybe there's some secret deduction that TaxAct will find and *poof* the gov will be paying me the big bucks!

I'll at least start by filling out my name and social.
Maybe tomorrow I"ll punch in some numbers.
Thank you blog, for letting me waste some more time talking about wasting time.
Oh, maybe I should join Twitter?!
Victoria Procrastination W....blahblahblah


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