Friday, April 16, 2010

The Wedding Dress Diet

I'm 5'6.5" and 140 lb.  There I said it. 

My ideal weight would be 130lb.  Those extra 10 lb exist somewhere between my belly and thighs.  At my last physical, I weighed in around 135ish and my doc suggested I continue physical activity to keep myself "in shape."  If by physical activity you mean watching DVR'd Glee, Nurse Jackie, and Big Love on the couch, then yes - I did exactly that.
I'm not in any danger zone, by I'd like to tone up.  I mean, I do yoga 2 to 3 times a week.  This is not pansy-om-yoga, but it's not bikram (hot yoga).  However, I should step it up to 4 times a week if I want to see results, instead of maintaining what I've got.  (This might require more DVR exercise, though)
In all honestly,  those extra 10lb exist somewhere been the bottles of beer and dirty martinis, and jelly beans, I can't deny.  I simply cannot give up jelly beans for a year. 
To cut out all liquor for a year...yeah right.  Let's get real here.
Instead I started counting calories last week.
There's a lot of calories in wine and beer.

While picking up the dog's Claratin at Costco today (yes, our dog takes generic Claratin 2x a day b/c she's probably allergic to cats or humans but we don't want to pay $700 to find out, so instead we pay $13 for 300 generic claratin) I strolled pass the weight-loss supplements.  While those would be the easy way out, they did spark my interest.  There's Alli, which is scary because it causes anal-leakage and seems a bit strong for the results I want (not to mention the price!).  There were other quasi-natural-amphetamine based supplements too, but those are equally scary and come with heart-warnings!  I'm trying to shed a few pounds here, not wear depends or end up addicted.
Then near the energy supplements I found Trim Energy.  Trim Energy is a water soluble, all natural (all vitamin based), energy supplement that also contains metabolism boosting agents through green tea.  There are no artificial ingredients, it's all natural, and there are no chemicals involved.
I decided to give it a whirl, while still counting calories.

Since today was a day off (DC Emancipation day...don't ask b/c I have no clue), it seemed like a good test-drive day. 
At 4pm, I emptied a powdery single-serving of Trim Energy into a glass of water.  On first sip it tasted like Kool-Aid.  Mmm, What could be better than loosing weight while reliving my childhood?  Thinking the taste might be decent, I gulped some more, only to realize it tasted like Metallic Crazy-Aid.  I chugged it.  What else was I supposed to do?  I pretended it was a glorious, calorie-free beer.
As an oxy-moronic statement, I met up with teacher-friends for happy hour, 30 min later, only to excuse myself to the restroom every 30 minutes thereafter.  This stuff makes you pee.  I think that's the weight loss cure there! 
It also makes you somewhat jittery.
And then cranky.
And if you have a beer or three with it (along with dinner, of course), who the hell knows what your body is doing.

So thanks Trim Energy, that was enough of a trial run for me. 
I bounced all over the place,  said some stupid stuff (which could be beer related, I'll admit), and then almost fell asleep writing this post.  (but only almost)
I'm signing up for a personal trainer over the summer.  Certainly, I don't need some false high from Metallic Crazy Aid, just some firmer abs, and maybe a beer when I feel like it.

*Note, it's 11pm on a Friday and I'd actually love to fall asleep because of the roller coaster ride Trim Energy took me on, however I'm JOLTED awake, writing this.  Trim Energy, you're too much 'energy' and not enough 'trim'.


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