Friday, May 28, 2010


SAHD = Stay At Home Dad.  That is exactly the bargain I offered to Mike, recently.

See, Mike is between jobs right now.  Let's get a little more insight, here:
Mike's political science bachelor's degree gives him the same recognition as about 50% of the business class here in our nation's capital.  You could spit on the sidewalk and hit someone with a BA in PoliSci, in DC.  But that doesn't stop Mike, and why should it?  In the heart of this Great Recession, one thing is for sure - government must press on and continue.  However, people keep graduating with that darn degree, and while Mike has the experience, he knows he needs to go back to school. 

Around the time of Obama's Inauguration, Mike found himself looking for a way to stand out amongst the masses.  First it was Law School.  Then thankfully a fellowship came around and saved our asses from humongous debt for a degree Mike sought for the label and education (not to become a lawyer).  Don't get me wrong, a JD is a great degree, but Mike realized it was not for him.

Mike recently finished up a that great fellowship stint which lasted a year.  Luckily, they liked him and his work ethic and offered to keep him on, hourly, for May.  They're sending him small jobs to do and he reports how long they take, and *poof* money in the bank.

He will go to GW in the fall to earn a masters in International Affairs!   Since our schedules are wonky now, I don't get to see him often, but I did get to see a pad of paper with finances planned out.   And while I do get paid well for what I do, my teacher salary can only take us so far, especially with our mortgage.
I am in awe of what Mike has offered to do to make ends meet.

Mike chose not to apply for Unemployment (as of yet). Instead he hit the pavement.  He chose to try something I know he feels is not up to par with his degree.  While he never waited tables before, I know this headstrong man can surely please any group of hungry customers. Mike is a server at the new branch of Alero in DC, just a block from our place.  On one hand I feel badly, because he didn't go to school to wait tables. I know he wants more! On the other hand I'm proud of him for stepping up to the plate.

One thing's for sure, I feel good to call him mine, the way he carries his head high.

If Mike had not said he might spend his days just getting drunk and bored as a SAHD, we might have a different story. [here's where you laugh, b/c that's funny!]  But my friends, that time will come - with either SAHD or SAHM, or even as working moms and dads.  For now, Mike's bringing home the, make that Mexican Bacon?

I love you for what you do and who you are, Mike.
*photo taken during Obama's Inauguration, with our camera.

So what have you done to make ends meet?
How do you pull it together when times are tough?


  1. awww this is sweet. I can relate on so many levels too.

    First of all - waiting tables is mentally and emotionally hard. It was hard to do while I was IN school, I can't imagine trying to do it after school. Good for Mike. I'd do it again if I had to, but seriously it can change your life. You'll never look at people the same way, you'll be more polite to wait staff for the rest of your life, and you'll appreciate the finer things for sure. It will make him a stronger person (and a lot of money)

    Now about the SAHD part. Vince is currently doing this. He's a SAHD while he trades (remember, he's technically unemployed now) and he makes sure the kitties are fed, take naps, stay clean, get outside time, etc. I kid, I kid! But srsly the house is spotless, the laundry is always done, towels are always waiting, the floor is always vacuumed,.. NOT a bad sitch! (And I get to joke at work about being a sugar momma.. bonus!)

    Now - how have I pulled together when times are tough? I can stretch a box of rice and a few chicken breasts like nobody's business! I can sleep with the fan on and the air (mostly) off. I can play scrabble with friends and a 6-pack instead of going out. And at the end of the day the "tough times" aren't what I remember, it's only the fun we had that sticks around.

    I have a feeling you guys will do the same. :)

  2. Aww Vicki. You are a lucky gal, and Mike is a lucky guy! It is so wonderful how you guys appreicate and respect each other. Can the wedding just get her already! Ha ha!

  3. Stopping by from SITS

    I'm a teacher as well and we are definitely not paid enough for the work that we do. I think it's great that your husband is willing work below his pay grade to help out with the finances. I can't imagine how difficult it is in this economy to get a position. Hopefully things will look up for him soon and he'll get back on his feet. That's one great guy you got there.

  4. Go Mike! I actually loved waiting tables and made amazing connections and got great job offers! DC is the place to be for polisci majors as waiters because you will never know who you will wait on! Just tell him to be as outgoing as he can (and to keep up with you he must be!!) and make it fun and to always work as a team! And if you don't like your tip spit in their food next time! ;)~ totally kidding I have never spit in someones food.. Or have I??


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