Friday, June 18, 2010

My Stress-Meter

There's a sure-fire way to tell how under-pressure I am.  But gimmie a sec to explain...

The end of the school year is drawing near, and although my fiancee makes fun of me because I'm stressed (among many things) about writing thank-you notes to 20 kids (honestly, writing thank you notes for a kick-butt present is a good stress), I am ON THE FENCE of sanity, currently.  There are report cards to stuff and ready, cum folders to sign and refile, bulletin boards to dismantle with every single staple to pluck out, desks to unclutter and clean, MY DESK to find again, laptop files to recover (my OS just failed), RoomMom presents to create and present, student gifts to create and distribute, class lists to assemble for the following fall, supply lists to assemble for next fall, AGH NEXT FALL?!

And let's not forget that due to snowdays DCPS canceled our last round of Parent-Teacher Conferences which roughly translates into: many parents want to meet with me before our last day of school to talk about progress and next year...all before Tuesday.  And I already have meeting scheduled for every day.

Not to mention the kids - I'm still responsible for teaching/entertaining/wrapping up the year for 20 students whom after 9 months together I've come to individually know and adore.
I will miss them all so much.
After a year of positive growth and learning, saying goodbye is so hard.
I cry every year.

So here's my Stress-Meter: My Wardrobe.
You can judge how stressed I am by the amount of clothes strung upon it, instead of carefully hung up, after long days' work. 

Current Stress Level:  Piled High, Heaping

What tell-tale signs show your stress levels?


  1. awww, I'm so sorry you are so stressed.... I do have to tell you that I laughed when I read "cum" folders. I know what you meant... but still. ;-)

  2. ok so i'm asking the same question that ^she is asking...what the eff are cum folders?!?!

    my stress level is high too...i bake when i'm stressed. that and sleep, a lot!

  3. oops :) I assume too much!
    Cumulative folders (your permanent record, per say) = cum folders

  4. heheheh thanks for clarifying! I end up throwing my clothes on a chair in my room. Becomes so difficult to find anything!


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