Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I. Have. Nothing. To. Write. About (that's wedding related)

Here's why:
1) We are still waiting to hear back from the rabbi as to whether or not he can officate our wedding on the date we chose
2) We already spoke to three caterers, one already gave us a (decent) proposal, the other two are in the works
3) I have a theme in mind, but was told by a co-worker that it was "overrated" and so I'm not divulging anymore until I have backup proof at how awesomely I can will pull it off
4) I am in "talks" with several sponsorship opportunities (translation: reviews and giveaways coming up, just getting my ducks in a row)
5) My wedding dress is hanging in our living room IN OUR LIVING ROOM, because the seamstress told me I was too early and we could come back in October

So, uh, yeah.  Time for me to find a new project with the wedding in mind.
It's waayyy to early to think about flowers... or is it?
::ideas brewing, wheels turning::

What to do?
I'm "wedding bored"
Gimmie things to think about, please :)

Here's one of my favorite photos since I have nothing more to write.


  1. whoa whoa whoa - THE LIVING ROOM!? Uhh,... can you rent a closet or something? That's crazy!

    And while I know nothing about weddings, I do know about trip planning, and maybe now's the honey-moon planning time...? Look at prices? Plan out the trip? Chat with travel agents?

    Flowers are good too!! What about cakes? Invitations? Linen? Hair styles? I know nothing.

    BUT I just found this show (I almost never watch TV so forgive my lateness) called "My Fair Wedding." I am addicted. Dare I recommend you fill your time with wedding shows for theme-assistance? He takes some pretty out there or way too bland themes and rock's em!!

    Good luck!

  2. have your dress. what about shoes? accessories? um you're going away outfit? bachelorette party? bridal shower? cake? don't forget the cake!

  3. Pretty flowers. Can't help ya with the wedding stuff, been a long time since mine. Thanks for visiting me from SITS. I am now following you.


  4. I remember when I was doing my weddings (I had the same person. Yes, I might very well be crazy! lol) there is periods of madness and business and periods of nothing to do. It is all part of the charm of the wedding planning!

    Thanks for stopping by my SITS potluck post last week!

  5. "It's all happening!" --Almost Famous (one of my fav movies!)


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