Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catering Tasting at Windows

Yesterday Mike (fiance), Diana (bridesmaid) and I took a short trip down to Virginia to meet with our representative from Windows Catering.  Let me say this now:  catering tastings are amazing, more amazing than creating a wedding registry.  As Mike put it, "forget the master's degree, I want her job!"

We arrived to find a table set with teal linens and my beloved gold chiavari chairs.  In my excitement I forgot to take a picture of the entire table, but I did get close ups of the place settings and menus, and candles.  There was no centerpiece at this time because most likely we will have flowers.

When our rep. emailed to asked my colors, I stumbled.  I wrote her telling that basically peacock feathers are my inspiration but have yet to narrow it down -- something in the jewel tones: deep blue, turquoise, with gold and copper (brown?) accents, maybe even some purple to keep it interesting.  Once I see some bridesmaids' dresses (this weekend!) I think hope I will have a direction.  I really did like the teal tablecloth accented with the candle holders, though.

Here's our tasting menu:
1. Griddlecakes and Smoked Salmon: wisps of potatoes and zucchini, sauteed until crispy, topped with Norwegian smoked salmon, with creme fraiche and snipped chives
2.  Mozzarella, Oven-Dried Cherry Tomato and Basil presented on coins of tempura-battered Japanese eggplant
3.  Phyllo Purse of brie cheese with almond and pear wrapped in delicate phyllo layers with a curry aioli for dipping

Arugula Salad with Sliced Pears: sliced Anjou pears with Derbyshire stilton, tender arugula leaves and spiced Georgia pecans, dressed with a warm, Modena barrel-aged 80 year old balsamic vinaigrette served with a cornbread madeleine

1.  Big Island Chicken: breast of chicken in a macadamia nut crust served with grilled pineapple, steamed rice and coconut milk and dark rum sauce with grilled asparagus
2.  Twin Artichoke Bottoms: artichokes stuffed with roasted garlic spinach in a sundried tomato with butternut squash battons, California asparagus and baby carrots
3. Kosher Meal: outsourced  (will rant about this later)

Wedding Cake, coffee available

All the hors d'oeuvres were amazing, especially the phyllo purse.  I could honestly eat a whole plate of those as my entree!  We realized though that we only have 3 hors d'oeurves and need an additional one.  Mike also pointed out that I neglected to pick any meat hors d'oeurves.  Our 4th choice will  involve some meat.

The salad kicked any other salad's butt.  Amazingly yummy.

I enjoyed the artichoke entree, but found the texture tough.  Diana pointed out that it replicated a meat in that sense, which I totally understand but question if others will love that.  We are revamping the veggie entree choice.  (Do I smell another tasting?!)  Also we discussed the possibility of me, the bride, having my own special entree.  I love salmon and tilapia, but not all vegetarians eat fish so we kept away from that as an option.  That doesn't mean that I can't have it on my big day!  We are working on this option.

Lastly we discussed the flatware, which I doubt anyone pays an inch of attention to at the wedding.  However our rep assured us that it mattered for me: I get to chose what my day will look like, down to the forks.

We dined with "Choice A" but then shown "Chocie B."  I really like the simplicity of B with the rounded, skinny handles.  (Do you call the stems "handles" ? I have no clue).   I chose B.  So ya'll better really pay attention to my silverware at the wedding.  I want pictures with those forks!  Or not.

On Saturday we meet with our other catering option, a smaller up-and-coming business whose proposal comes well under that of Windows.  However, having your tasting served by a waiter in a tux, red and white wine available, many linen options laid out, a flat screen playing a picture slide-show, and all your dishware options presented is pretty snazzy and swayed me a bit.  We shall see how the quality and service match up on Saturday!

Are you hungry yet?!


  1. Whoa! Super intense! I'm pretty sure we had lasagna for our wedding dinner. And an ice cream bar for our reception. I'm not good at making decisions, turns out. So if someone would've asked me what flatware to use, I'm pretty sure I would've laughed in their face.

  2. Ohhhh kay I think I may have just changed my mind about this whole "could I see myself planning a wedding thing." Mind being changed to "quite possibly!" Dude! Way to sell the ENTIRE wedding planning gig! That looks amazing! I love food so much,... I could probably taste things all day and not mind. Now the whole flatware thing,.. umm.. whatever? A fork is a fork. I like shiny things so I would've picked whichever one is more so. lol!! Can't wait to see pics from the next tasting!

    Oh and the table colors looked lovely as well. :)

  3. You made me so hungry! You also made me sentimental for my wedding planning days which were almost 11 years ago! I love being married and I hope that you love every single year you are together! I won't say moment because I often want to catapult my man right across the interstate. I still love him, though, and haven't ever actually released the catapult...yet.

  4. Everything looks delish! Looking forward to hearing about your second tasting, and how it compares!


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