Thursday, July 8, 2010

The evolution of my hair

I have thin, limp, blonde hair.  It takes more than an ounce of product and at least 20 minutes of serious blowdrying to get it to "shape up."  I long for bouncy, curly hair, but understand that it comes with baggage, too.  My awesome stylist of 5 years, David, offered to do my hair for the wedding, but I have to follow his rules.  David is the best, flamboyant, hair-stylist I ever stumbled upon.  Never would I dream of cheating on him.  I honestly trust this guy with my hair's life, and will do whatever he says (within reason).  Here are his prerequisites for my wedding-hair:
1)  grow it out (fine, ok.  Mike loves long hair anyways)
2)  grow out the bangs (ugh, ok, if I must...I've had them for 3 years anyways)
3)  highlights (only about a month prior to the big day, therefor no upkeep - I can do that)

That's not so bad!  But to give you an idea of where I've come from here's a photo history.

The Evolution of My Hair:

July '06
-shoulder length
-long straight hair

April '07
-broken foot
-short bob

 July '08
-shoulder(ish) length hair
-longer bangs (b/c I was too lazy to get them trimmed before our trip to London/Barcelona)

April '09
-shoulder length
-shorter bangs

Dec '09
-slightly longer?
-I'm sensing a trend
-perhaps it's time for change?

March '10
-I insisted on my last bang trim before our engagement photo shoot

Wow, is it time for a new hair style, or WHAT?!
The things you learn about yourself through blogging, I swear!

Are you in need of a hair-change?
What's your hair trend?


  1. I think you look great w/ bangs! I a bang-girl myself- my stylist is always pleading me to grow mine out, but I just can't- I love them!

  2. that's quite a history! and growing out bangs is the worst - they look good on you!

  3. I like ya with bangs too. I think they frame your face well. I am sure you will look fabulous on your wedding day, bangs or no :) Chitty chitty bang bang LOL

  4. hahaha i love your bangs but thats just me! I have had bangs since i was in junior high and i just started growing them out this month. Its been hard but i am loving it! :)

  5. Thanks all - I think growing out bangs is a pain, but we're going for "long sweeping side bangs" in the future

    Mike, my hair isn't getting cut - relax. This is the interim stage -- if you like it now, just wait a couple months! (Plus you don't get much of a say) ;)

  6. Can't wait to see how your hair evolves for your wedding day! I think you will look great with the highlights and side sweep bangs!

  7. I think you look cute in all the pics. Can't wait to see your wedding hair! Stopping by from SITS

  8. I can't pull off the bangs look as well as you can. Whenever I feel like I need to change my hair I color it. I can't chop it off anymore because every time I do I bawl for hours afterwards. I'm emotional with a pinch of dramatic. Wee!

  9. Hey there! Happy SITS potluck day! I like your hair with bangs but I bet it will be exciting growing it out for awhile. I'm growin out my bangs and I like it but I kind of wish I could have em sort one day and long the next, don't you?
    Great blog! Happy wedding planning!



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