Friday, July 16, 2010


In my left sidebar, right over yonder ::holds up hand to make an L shape, points thataway::  you'll find a  cluttered mess.  In said organized chaos I spy with my little eye a blue envelope.

That envelope is magic (but you gotta say 'magic' like you're talking to my three year old niece and convincing her that eating peas will make you fart like a fairy).

Click on it.
I dare you.
Then my posts will magically appear in your inbox!
Poof! Fart!

The RSS feed button immediately next to it works something like that too.
But I only know about peas and beans, not RSS feeds.
Click, click, click!

(excuse my sillies, but toddlers wear off on you like that)


  1. Ha! You didn't even have to double-dog dare me :)
    I did the RSS b/c my inbox is a mess and right now I'm afraid you'd get lost in the shuffle...and that just isn't right.

    Fairy farts are quiet, right?

  2. Haha, love the title of this post! Your posts automatically show up in my google reader, which is actually more pressure to read than my inbox! I'll let things sit for days unread in my inbox, but it drives me crazy to not clear my google reader at least every other day!


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