Monday, July 26, 2010

Registry 201

I figured something out.  It's no big secret, and in fact it's quite obvious:
creating a wedding registry at a second store is much easier than your first go 'round.

After our four hours at Macy's we knew anything after that was smooth sailing.

Target yesterday was a breeze (aside from taking 45 minutes to get to the first Target store due to a Boy Scout parade shutting down all of the National Mall area, thus making getting TO the highway a royal pain.  Then finally arriving at the first Target only to find out their registry system needed repairs.  We practically begged them to call their other stores and find out which ones were working.  Then a torrential downpour out of nowhere caused us to travel at snail-like speed to the next Target store.  Finally, price scanner in hand, we were ready to register a second time).

The experts (I have no idea who they are) recommend creating a wedding registry at up to three stores. This helps guests living in different areas who have access to different stores.  Although, I'm sure the "experts" came up with this idea long before internet aided shopping.

So at Target we merrily walked the store and played the "Oh I want that!" game.  We were much less serious (and less focused?) this time around.  That might be why Mike ended up scanning three home theater systems and me: various travel coffee mugs and two different food processors.  Oh I should mention that Mike intends to research the different systems and delete two.  Still, we even considered board games for the registry. Is that tacky?

What funny things did you register for, or do you joke about adding?


  1. Registering was almost better than the wedding! LOL I loved it. We are such shopaholics that we took our honeymoon money and went back to Target and got more stuff. Then hid in the house while everyone thought we were out of town. Ha ha ha ha. Sad, I know. :-) We got lots of good household stuff. It was SO awesome.

  2. I don't think it is tacky to register for board games. People you play them with will appreciate having something personal to buy.

    I can't imagine you are Target with the freedom to make a wish list, YIKES!!!

  3. Okay soooo I'm slightly less terrified. This post looks and sounds much happier. :)

  4. Dude, my husband and I registered for some random stuff. We had like, Skittles and big screen TVs. Who even cares? I told my husband I'm going to start making Christmas and Birthday registries for myself because it's so dang fun.


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