Friday, August 6, 2010

The Photographer I Heart

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we met with our first photographer this week.  Leah of Studio Juno is A-MAZ-ING. (bold, underline, italicized)  A friend referred us to her, as they are longtime friends.  I scoped out her site and instantly fell in love with her approach: what I feel is a combo of candid, journalistic and artisty. PERFECT for me!

See, about a year ago for my birthday (yes that means my next bday is on the horizon) I purchased myself a Canon Rebel dSLR.  My sister dabbles beautiful in photography and I love the freedom it gives her to capture moments skillfully, easily and without too technical mumbo-jumbo. (Yes siiiister I mean that)  At the time I was about to throw my digital point and shoot at a wall.  The timing and finances were right for me to purchase a "big girl camera."  Mike even bought me an intro class for my birthday.  And now, well let's just say it makes blogging even more fun!

All that to say, knowing how to use a "professional camera" is a blessing and a curse.  I look at photographs now with a keen eye, taking in their approach, exposure, focal point, aperture, etc.  I truly understand (or begin to understand) the art of photography.
And I want nothing less than perfect, artsy, candid, slightly overexposed photos for my wedding.

No pressure or anything.
To me the food, band, venue -- all this pales in comparison to the photographed memories of the day.
This is my highest vendor priority.

I think I've found what I'm looking for in Studio Juno.
You tell me:

The above photo taken at the Carnegie Institution where WE will be married!
I love knowing she's shot there before = comfort swells in my crazy bridal head.

Love it.

{All photos by Studio Juno}


  1. ok i know i said im sending u CS3 just bare (or is it bear?) with me :) it's coming i swear!

  2. Dude. She's gooooooood! I'm a fan!

  3. Oh my gosh. I would pick this photographer for sure! I love artsy pictures too, and it's exactly how I've always imagined my wedding pictures to be. I hate that traditional posing professional crap. I like pictures that seem casual and like you just captured something natural.
    *girly sigh*


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