Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ghost of my Wedding Dress

I purchased my wedding dress way ahead of schedule.  So far ahead, in fact, that it lived on the back of a door in our living room for about 3 months, teasing Mike.  He refrained from peeking through the double garment bag, but admits that urge to do so was killing him.

So, I finally moved the dress to my dear friend (and bridesmaid) Kathryn's closet.

When I looked at the door again, I noticed something odd:

The dress left behind an imprint, or ghost, of itself!

Remember, the dress was double bagged.  The bags were the size of the door and one was plastic, the other a fabric. They spanned the entire width of the door - not the size of the ghostly shadows left behind.

Luckily the black dusty stuff cleans right up, but it's still really weird.

Does silk organza give off an oddly, fierce residue?

How weird is that?!

{photo by Yours Truly, Me}
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  1. wow! That is crazy. I guess it was leaving a little a bit of itself behind to ensure you would not forget about it haha.

  2. Why would a dress do that?!?! So weird...

  3. that is absolutely crazy! i didn't know you had it right on the front door. Boy, that must have tempted Mike every time he left the house.

    Glad it is safe and sound in the back of my closet. :)


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