Friday, September 3, 2010

Save the Dates: They're HERE!

They came!  They're here! My Our Save the Dates arrived!

It took me forever to decide.  Mike left it completely up to me, which allowed me creative freedom but at the same time I was left with my own indecisiveness.  We purchased them through my sister's friend, Julye, who has her own printing company.  This printing company gains her great connections, like to Carlson Crafts (where we ordered the Save The Dates).

To keep a bit of suspense for those who will receive these lovely STD's soon, here's the bloggy-reveal:

 Sorry for the tease!  After the recipients receive theirs in the mail, I'll post a "real" photo!

I chose a simple business-card-sized magnet (within our budget, finally) displaying a photo from our engagement photo shoot, our names, and the event date.  The magnet will be sent with an insert containing our "wedsite" info, hotel details, and other important facts.
I'm still working on that part, but soon we will be ready to send them out!

Um, also:
Why are stamps so expensive?
And why is it now that we are ready to send out the Save the Dates our guest list is suddenly in flux?

{contact me if you're interested in working with Julye too!}

{All photos by: Yours Truly, Me}


  1. hahahaha STD's

    No seriously I am so happy they came!!

    We didn't do save the dates becasue our engagement was only four months long. I am so excited for you!!

  2. Stamps ARE expensive. Annoying. I love that you made them magnets. That's pretty much genius.

  3. These look super awesome! I can't wait for the online reveal. Yippy!

  4. I'm already making a spot on the fridge!!!!!

  5. From what I can tell, those are awesome STDs.
    I giggle every time I type STD, which is wrong on so many levels.

  6. They look so pretty from this angle! I can't imagine how beautiful they REALLY are...


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