Monday, October 18, 2010

Father-Daughter Dance

June 19, 2011, our wedding date, also marks the 45th wedding anniversary of my parents and happens to be Father's Day as well.  Well, actually, my parents' anniversary is the day prior, the 18th, but it's close enough for the waterworks to flow as we celebrate both events.

But let me tell you.
When it comes time for the father-daughter dance, knowing it's Father's Day will make my eyes more wet than dry. And I have the perfect song.

I emailed my dad to tell him my idea, but before telling him my thoughts I made him guess:
(I know it cuts off part of the image, but if I shrink it down, you can't read it!)

I felt like it was a stretch and a challenge for him to come up with the answer.
Then he replied (Sorry, answers covered up to leave some things unknown for our guests!) :

What I'll tell you is this:  he correctly guessed the movie, song, AND artist!
I knew at that moment it was our song.  My daddy knew exactly the right answer.
And I can't wait to share that dance with him, on Father's Day, for our father-daughter dance.

What song makes you think of your dad?


  1. Ohh that is so sweet...I got a bit emotional reading this post!
    So lovely
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  2. I want to know!! And that is so sweet that your Dad knew so fast!!

  3. Vicki I am already tearing up! The father daughter dance was one of my favorite parts of our wedding day.

    I chose I loved her first by heartlands because me my sister and my brother were born three months early and when my parent s were fianlly able to hold us my dad was the first one to hold me. Ugh I am crying just thinking about it.

  4. My dad got married two years ago and for a gift I wrote a song for him.. Ok so I wrote the lyrics and two of my very gifted friends arranged and sang it.
    When it came to his wedding the dj screwed it up and said it didn't work (when he showed me the cd, it looked like he took a lighter to the bottom. One big black circle on it) I almost killed him.

    So this time, I will be making sure that our song is in the correct format, sound etc. Or else the wedding will be put on pause. LOL

    But for you- Uber cute! (i also love how i'm assuming your dad was going to say bald head LOL) too funny and i started to tear!

  5. The song that makes me think of my dad? Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing' LOL

  6. So sweet - that's what it is supposed to be like. I never had that, but when my son married, I worked really hard on the music that went to the picture video we made: Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World" for her picts, the theme music to Charlie Brown for his, then a jazz piece for picts of them with their bridesmaids and groomsmen and the main piece, Frank Sinatra's "What are you doing for the rest of your life" (they love Sinatra). Then I wrote a poem for each place-setting.

    What a blessing to have such a loving dad!

  7. Awww.
    Well, me and my dad? Basically any 80's hair metal song. But when I get married I'm going to make him dance with me to John Mayer's "Daughters" even though he HATES John Mayer.

  8. Stopping by from SITS. Just over 35 years ago, we got married on my parents' wedding anniversary. Two years ago, our son also married on the same date. Coincidentally, my name is Vicki too.

  9. This was really sweet.:) The song that reminds me of my dad is Butterfly Kisses. Yet I sense the irony with you and that song right away. (LOL!)

  10. awesome post. the father daughter dance is so emotional. my dad chose sunrise, sunset so i gave him his wish.

  11. Ooo you better tell all your blog readers what the song is if we don't get to be there for the actual night!!!!
    -SITStah, CK

  12. Oh wow, the timing of all those important events would make me a crying wreck during the father/daughter dance! I'm so curious what your song is. At my wedding my dad and I danced to "What a Wonderful World", that song gets the emotions going too!

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I can tell how much you love your daddy. A good daddy is hard to beat : )


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