Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Festive Foods Catering Tasting -- Part 2!

Didn't know this was a two part post? Well it is, thanks to CAKE and Buddah.

Cake Tasting (aka the third most awesome reason to eat cake --first being the actual wedding cake, 2nd your birthday)

From the list of 32 flavor options, we chose 8, and then of those the pastry chef lead us towards 5:
White Velvet
Hazelnut Rocher
Salted Caramel
Chocolate Raspberry
24 Karat Carrot Cake

Those names alone? Oh please, don't get me started.
Hopefully there's a cupcake somewhere around here to appease me.
Because that might be the best cake I've wrapped my tongue around.

Now begins the gratuitous cake picture post:
Don't you LOVE how they decorated each mini-cake? 

Also? I LOVE how they used the label-maker to mark each flavor.
That is a pastry chef after my own heart!

 Who needs cupcakes - we need to get on this mini-cake trend!

worth. every. stomach. cramp.

I honestly thought we took more pictures than that, but my hands were busy lifting the fork and shoveling cake into my mouth.
nom nom nom

And because the grounds were oh-so-amazing, (and we needed to walk off the 15 pounds we gained) I then took may fall photos:

by far, my fav.

Oh, and then on our jaunt home we stumbled upon a Buddhist temple and receiving blessings (yarn bracelets?) from the abbot monk.

Ya know, a typical Saturday.

Go have your cake, and eat it too!


  1. How amazing that you got a blessing..That had to be so special and the cakes look beautiful..Like little pieces of art!

    Ps: I’m hosting a Pistacho Press GIVEAWAY later today, so please join in :)

  2. How cool is that you just "stumbled" across a temple !!!!

    Those cakes look amazing and I am way to hungry to have been reading this post!!!!

  3. There are only a couple things I regret about not having a wedding- no pictures of us that day, and not being able to do tastings LOL

  4. Finding the right catering company can make any event a breeze!

  5. This is awesome! So which cake was your fav? Did any blow you away? Do you guys know which cake flavor you want...? Decorations? Can the same vendor as the food caterer also provide the cake?!

  6. Um I am OBSESSED with Vanilla + Salty anything LOL.

  7. Okay the buddhist temple thing? too cool.

    Which one did you choose???

    Our wedding cake was orange grand marnier which sounds weird but OMG it was the best thing ever. Clint's groom's cake was chocolate kalhua cupcakes. We like our alcohol flavored cakes :)

  8. I wonder if I could have pie, instead of cake, at my wedding. Because I like pie better than cake, although that cake looks absolutely scrumptious!


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