Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Main Event Catering Tasting

Last Friday we attending our third catering tasting, with Main Event Catering.  You might remember our previous two with Windows and The Unnamed Caterer.  With Mike back in school and the school year in full swing for me, as well, we struggled to find a time that worked for everyone to hold this tasting.  Finally, our calendars aligned and we dined!

Looking back on our menu, we somehow left out the vegetarian option, which is all over shocking.  I know I included it in our RFP (request for proposal).  But we also entirely overlooked it when reviewing their proposed menu.  I blame Mike.  (because pointing fingers is fun. and it's never the bride's fault. right? hehe)

Upon arriving at Main Event the tuxedo-sporting server greeting us with champagne flutes.  The staff lead us into a candle lit room, showcasing linens and flatware options.  They set the table with basic white linens, accented by votive candles.

Once seated our three hors d'oeuvres were presented, plated for the purpose of the tasting.  At the event they will be passed.

Hors D'Oeuvres
1.  Cheddar Pierogies:  lightly fried with sauteed cabbage & a dollop of creme fraiche
2.  Goat Cheese Quenelles:  fig + honey glazed pecans on an endive spear
3.  Grilled Chicken Pinwheels: corn + peppers, tortilla pinwheel, dark mole sauce

The Cheddar Pierogies (1) tasted amazing! Being of Polish heritage, we picked these out for our menu with out a second thought, and am glad we did.  The pierogies were slightly fried, as opposed to boiled or sauteed, as I am accustomed to - however this serving option makes more sense for finger foods.

Having never heard of a Quenelle (2) before, I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.  This sweet combination of goat cheese and pecans laid on a small endive (fancy lettuce) boat.  This hors d'oeurve was a nice contrast to the others, but still complemented them well.

I expected the Pinwheel (3) to be a boring wrap, but the mole sauce really kicked it up a bit.  It was a little spicy and we don't want our guests gulping down their cocktail to remedy this, so we asked that the sauce be taken down a notch. 

Overall the hors d'ouerves tasted great!

Next up: First Course
Salad of Royal Lettuces: baby romaine, lola rossa, frisee + endive, sliced summer straberries, crumbled chevre cheese, champange + strawberry vinaigrette;  Cornbread muffins with salted butter or apple butter

Honestly this salad didn't WOW me, but being a former vegetarian, I have high salad expectations.  It did a solid job and tasted great.  (However, nothing can compare to the salad at Window's Tasting!)  We asked for the amount of frisee to be reduced, because it looks and tastes like a weed.  I always eat around it.  I can do without the texture variety.  The cornbread muffins were tasting and great with apple butter!

The Entree: Pan-Seared Free Range Chicken
Chicken coated in herb bread crumbs, marsala mushroom sauce, sunburst + starburst squash of teeny zucchini with roasted shallot butter and Yukon Gold Mash(ed potatoes)

We give the chicken a solid two-thumbs up.  It was tasty and the meal was well presented.  It reminded us of to chicken-fried-chicken, but without the unhealthy aspect, being pan-seared instead of deep-fried. The mashed potatoes totally rocked, and the squash paired perfectly.
I still don't know how we managed to set this up with out the vegetarian option!

For desert we will have wedding cake.  However they sent us away with their signature Deep Dark Chocolate Truffles ("deftly hand rolled").

Uh. Maze. Ing.
Luckily you can purchase these for guests as well.  However, when trying to keep costs to a minimum, I don't foresee our guests having the privilege of tasting these yummy balls of chocolate. Sorry guys! (If you live close to me I might share my doggy-bag of them with you...)

All in all, this Main Event Catering Tasting went well.  We enjoyed all the dishes presented and they were very open to hearing our feedback and adjusting the menu.  What Mike and I both liked best about this caterer was their family-like quality.  This tasting being a couple days before Halloween, some of the other staff dressed in costume. So fun! Also, being after school hours, their kids were in the building, too (but not running around like crazy, but still there). I like a company that respects and understands that people have lives and families, and allows them to be a part of their business.   Also, the chef came out before and after the tasting to hear our ideas and talk openly with us.

Their kosher options are much more involved than other caterers.  They offer salad, bread and the entree all on kosher china from the JCC.  But you pay for that, as you cannot return the china after.  The per person cost for a kosher meal is twice that of a normal meal.  Gah!  I like the idea of our kosher-eating guests having their three course meal presented on china and not airplane style, but still.  Nice, but expensive!

Main Event Catering is a lot less corporate and more small-business minded.  We liked that.
However, they are slightly over budget (of course).  We plan on asking them if there is anything they can do for us, and sharing with them the other proposal prices offered to us.  Maybe they can work with us?  We'll see.  We have our last tasting this coming weekend.  A yummy decision will be made soon!


  1. The food looks so beautiful:) I love the presentation so much:)
    Kisses,sweetie pie

  2. Oh my goodness I am was hungry before I read this, now i am beyong starving!! Looks amazing!

  3. Mmmmm.

    My stepmother's family is polish, and so, growing up, I ate a lot of pierogies. Yummy.

  4. I didn't realize how much I missed catering tasting posts until this one!

    All I can say is: You had me at Cheddar Pierogies. :)

    I realllly hope they can come down in price for you guys. I get the feeling you haven't gotten clear win from any of the caterers, and that sucks. Would this be the clear win if it weren't for the pricing?

  5. What a fun and exciting decision to make (while enjoying a free meal!)

  6. I am not even sure it would be possible to top the salad from Windows....yuuuuuuuuuummmmmmy!

  7. Did you catch the table on fire with the candles?

  8. I wish I could go with y'all! I am trying to figure out the former vegetarian thing. My sister is a vegetarian. I should be. It would help me lose weight, I'm sure! BTW, I love how you declined the pinwheels with the mole sauce as the spice would make people down their cocktails too fast. Smart thinking!

  9. The food looks amazing... I seriously need some lunch now! :)
    Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)


  10. This sounds like it was a great tasting. I loved this part of wedding planning. I really don't like frisee. I avoid it.

    Stopping from SITS!


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