Monday, December 20, 2010

6 Months Away!

In 6 months, we'll walk down the aisle!

And for some reason, with 2011 on the horizon and the number 6 (instead of, say, 10) makes me freak out a little bit.  I'm not going to lie, it's getting real!  (Then what was it before, you ask? Well it was still real, but now it's legit!)

We've been busy this month:
-Decided on a caterer
-Found a florist (who is very reasonable)
-Had my first dress fitting and learned not to try on expensive dresses
-Booked a photographer!
-Having our engagement party (click to see invites) on Thursday!

Things we need to decide on soon:
-my hair and makeup
-bridesmaids dresses
-gifts for bridesmaids/groomsmen/parents

Looking at this post, I can really see it all coming together.
And I must say, I'm very excited!

Pea Ess:  A HUGE CONGRATS to Ali and Vince on their engagement! Ali and I were college roommates, and I'm proud to say I remember the day she came home from work babbling about this guy she met.  She really is the Luckiest.Girl.Ever!  So thrilled for them both! Yay! (another wedding to plan!!!!)


  1. Im so excited for you,sweetie...Yay! Everything is going so well:) happy Monday

  2. congrats to the friend!!! six months to go woo hoo!!!

  3. Wooo hooo! I know what you mean about it seeming real. You plan for so long that it does hit you when the time gets closer. Congrats to your friends!

  4. Oh how exciting! Hope things continue along smoothly and no one's forcing you to transform into bridezilla :)

  5. Yayyyyy six months to go!!!! And thank you for the shout out! I can't believe it, and I'm so excited, and your blog is totally going to be my guide (once we actually get around to planning... :) Yay! Love! Six months to go!


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