Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogiversary! {Vicki's Favorite Things}

It's a big day here at Crowning Victoria!
Today this blog turns one year old!!!

It's hard to believe I created this blog a year ago with the sole intention of sharing wedding plans with my family and friends.  I wanted to keep everyone in the loop, and writing it once (as opposed to five phone calls plus) seemed the most efficient way.

My first post recounted the proposal details.  The first line "Here's how it all began..." couldn't ring more true.

Now here we are on my 239th post!
My favorite posts that really share insight into my world include my top twenty post-engagement thoughts, the time Mike tried to wear shoulder-pads, and dancing my heart out at two friends' wedding.

In appreciation for you, my dear readers, who helped this little blog grow into a place I feel comfortable sharing and documenting my life, we shall celebrate!

And how shall we celebrate?  Well, we'll do it up like Oprah, except not... because if you look under your work chair or living room couch right now you will not find amazing gifts, sorry. HOWEVER! You will have a chance to win some of my favorite things with the upcoming giveaways and discount codes!

Be sure to check back constantly today to learn more about what I love, and win those items!

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Happy Day to ALL!


  1. congrats on your blogiversary sweetie!!! what a great accomplishment!! can't wait to PARTY with you for it!! :)

  2. I have to say: I cannot believe that it's only been about a year since you started this blog. I remember showing you my Jew-blog posts and being totally shy because NO ONE knew about my lil blog. I remember encouraging you to get your own. I remember your first banner and layout!

    And now you are this amazing, renowned blogger doing all sorts of awesome giveaways and contests and known in wedding and blogging circles far and wide! You're amazing and thank you for keeping me entertained for an ENTIRE YEAR! :)


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