Friday, February 11, 2011

Dress Fitting Number 2!

Dress fitting number 2 snuck up on me! Although I started working out and eating better, I felt truly unready to see my dress again. These feelings were mostly due in part to me over-thinking everything about the wedding.  However upon donning Dylan my spirits rose.  I'm finally getting over that anxiety-filled hump of pessimism, in regards to the wedding. 

The dress is gorgeous.  Not that it wasn't before, but with the recent touch-ups Dylan is starting to look amazing. Since she lived her previous life as a floor sample, she needed some major love to move forward as my wedding dress. My seamstress did just that, in the form of a needle and thread.  The buttons, one of which was totally missing and the other torn in half, now rest perfectly in a line.  The snag in the fabric once laughing in my face, is now entirely undetectable.  Oh, and the necklace I bought looks phenomenal

As far as fitting her to me goes, we are on the right track! The dress being the perfect length means she needs no hemming.  The bust needs to be taken in, err, again.  I loose weight in that area first, unfortunately.  (Someone needs to tell my butt to get on that trend)

For next time: the bow, the slight tear in the train, and the veil (story for another time).

But the best part?
You can see a visible difference in my physique from the first time I tried on the dress to this fitting.
It's amazing and so fulfilling.
And motivating!

I leave you with a teensie sneak peek of her beauty, my wedding dress:


  1. AHHH can't wait!!!! This is the best part. I'm so excited for you. Will before/after photos ever make it up? I'm a sucker for a make-over, man... just sayin'.

    But congrats for the visible difference. I know how hard it is to make that happen. Good job! :)

  2. what a teaser!!!!! I can hardly wait to see it!

  3. How fun!!! Congrats on your body outlook goals!!! Feeling better and feeling like you look better is awesome! Although I'm sure you were beautiful before! :)

    Excited to see you in your dress!!!

  4. I bought a floor sample too. Glad to hear yours is turning out well. I heart those buttons!


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