Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Vicki, no veil

The all-consumed-blogging-bride-Vicki would like to step off her wedding podium for a day, and step onto a different soap box.

Lately I talked with a friend about how much wedding planning has changed me: made me more responsible, more forward-thinking, more conscious of others feelings, and less selfish.  The weight of planning the most bomb-tastic party to celebrate the best day of my life lead me to realize a lot.

But right now? I want to be "Just Vicki" (picture Jack, from Will & Grace, saying "Just Jack" -- except it's me, saying "Just Vicki"). No veil.

So here's a little smattering of details about myself and the other things that define me. 

I am:

{{ a school teacher and lover of children's books }}

{{ a wine connoisseur who knows little about wine }}

{{ reader of Twilight and watcher of True Blood}}*

{{ an occasional painter and craft-enthusiast}}

{{ emotional and sensitive -- aka a libra }}

{{ a music lover, especially pop and girlie rock }}

{{ an avid fruit & veggie consumer, 5 a day! }}

{{ green. as in I like things natural }}

{{ in love with brownies }}

{{ a writer, appreciative of others writing}}

{{ an aunt to two adorable girls }}

{{ edgy, raw, and deep }}

 {{ a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a girlfriend}}

{I am more than a bride planning a wedding!}

What defines you?

*but I'm not, like, obsesssssed or anything.


  1. Ahh I feel the same way now that Stone is here I am just a mom.. I know how it is!

  2. I like this! I love learning new things about the bloggers I follow. I think I'm gunna do ahead and do this on my blog :)

  3. love it!!!!

    I sooo can't wait to be a teacher. It just seems like such a rewarding career!

  4. GREAT post Vicki!!! We have more in common than just wedding planning!! I'm also a Libra! And a reader of Twilight! Brownies are the BEST!!! :) Thanks for sharing more about YOU!

  5. Yes, lately there haven't been a whole lot of posts about Vicki, the person. I'm not implying that being a bride makes you not a person, simply that "person" is the all encompassing personality, while bride is only one facet of that person. Anyway, I was beginning to miss Vicki, the person. Although I do get her in small doses via Twitter, which is great.

    Don't box yourself in! And certainly don't let others do it.

  6. Cute post! Have you read the books the True Blood series is based on? LOVED that series!


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