Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 2.19.11

A few weeks ago I put together an awesome outfit for school. I received so many complements (such as "you look like you stepped out of a J. Crew Catalog") and loved it so much, I decided to do a What I Wore Wednesday post.  But then I got home and my camera battery died as I was trying to take some shots of myself, solo.

Not to worry, Mike and I planned to attend synagogue that following Saturday.  The ensemble makes a perfect Stepping Out Saturday Post.  (Mandy over at Harper's Happenings hosts this great meme with her adorable daughter).  Then we slept through the alarm.

Finally, yesterday I donned the outfit yet again.  Third try's a charm.
And here. we. go.

My first SOS post:
hair clip: Sandy A La Mode
earrings: Oh, Sweet Joy!
necklace: Cotton Lane
(I might have a slight addiction to handmade products)

Happy Weekend, Folks!


  1. i looooove your skirt girl!! and yay for all the handmade accessories, woot!!! :) you are soo pretty!!!!

  2. LOVE your skirt! Adorable outfit and you are still cute as ever! :]

  3. omg you are just too cute. I love the pairing of the mustard and purple - and while I say YAY to handmade,... I have to admit those boots are my fav. :)

    I may have to do one of these... you're such a blogg and now FASHION inspiration! :)

  4. Love all the color in your outfit and that skirt is so pretty! You look lovely! Great outfit. :)


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