Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I started thinking about my wedding hair... either up or down?  I think I want an up-do since DC in June is not exactly when you let your hair loose.  I also recall how much you can actually work up a sweat on the dance floor, another plus for "up."

But down? Hair down is so gorgeous and sensual.  It's relaxed and natural.

I started looking around The Knot, saving pictures that caught my eye.  I quickly realized what I like best and which direction I'm leaning towards.

Hair Down Inspiration
I love the soft, wavy curls (that my hair would never hold for more than an hour, even with a pound of gel and a bottle of hairspray).

Hair Half Up/Down Inspiration
 This has potential, although I still worry about how my hair would hold.

Hair Up Inspiration
Well, will you look at that.  They all look the same, or vary slightly from each other.
Hrm, I think I can tell exactly which way I'm leaning.

What about you? How did you wear your hair, or envision wearing it?
{all photos taken from The Knot}

Lastly, I'm "hair" today (har har har) but I'll be gone tomorrow.
I'm participating in a Bloggers Day of Silence for Japan.
My blog will be silent as in no posts in honor and respect for 
what has happened in Japan.
More information can be found here


  1. I'm doing it myself the day of my wedding - whatever feels right at the time. ;] Pretty sure everyone has told me I'm crazy for that, too.

  2. Mine was too short to do much of anything with -- one of my big wedding-day regrets. I'm going to be absolutely no help here -- I love all of those styles! Try out a few with your stylist and see what clicks!

  3. oooh I love lloking at updo's. I did half up because I was so young... i wanted to look young not like I was trying to be too grown up haha

    but I have always loved updo's ... and haird down... and half down ... ok I just love them all haha

  4. I would definitely go with an updo.. but make sure it looks good in photos. I had an updo for my wedding, and I was really glad, because it got hot pretty quick in that room, and it was a long night. I wish I would have taken my hair do for a test drive first though. In half my pictures you can't see any of the styling, and it looks like my hair is just slicked back. Lame. If I would have tried it first, I would have known which way to turn my head in the photos.

  5. I'm thinking up do! Less fuss the day of for sure! :)

    So awesome your participating in the Day of Silence... Kinda thinking I will too.

  6. I wore my hair down with a headband :) I *loved* it. It was pretty humid that day and the stylist put something it in that helped it hold really well. I loved my wedding hair!

    I think you need to go with whatever would look best with your dress and your venue--my dress was romantic and soft, and we had a garden wedding. My hair went perfectly :)

  7. I did half up, half down, but it was March in Utah and I didn't have to worry about the sweat factor. I was once a bridesmaid at a wedding in Jamaica in September, and I can't tell you how happy I was to have an updo!

    I LOVE the updo on the upper left! Like everyone else has said - do a trial run with your stylist to see how it looks/feels. Try things out, take pictures...that's the best way to know what you love!

    ~ @jenndola

  8. I did mine up... I didn't want to have to worry about my hair falling halfway through the day. It was rainy that day and I know how my hair is with rain so I'm happy I chose up!

  9. I always want my hair down and wavy too for dress up occasions but mine doesn't hold it well either.

  10. Oh my gosh, so many beautiful styles to choose from. If I could do my wedding over again I would definitely wear it down with LOTS of long extensions. I do like that loose side braid though, very beautiful!

  11. updo, well sort of. its going to be back out of my face and out of the way for sure that day.

    i will post pictures as soon as i can. dont want to give the mister too many details :)

  12. I feel year pain about the hair. My hair doesn't hold a curl no matter how much gel and hair spray I throw in it. It's just so silky and fine it escapes all bonds. Annoying.


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