Friday, March 25, 2011

Honeymoon Style Inspiration

I pine for spring, as I know many of you out there do too.

So I did what comes naturally, spent money on clothes to wear in warmer weather!
And what better warmer weather to look forward to, than that of Jamaica and my honeymoon.

I didn't buy ALL of the items pictured below.

But they are my inspiration, and I shall wear them inside until it's warm enough outside.

GAP Polka Dot Hatler and Side Tie Bikini
Bag - SR Squared by Sondra Roberts Tangier
Gap Tie Back Dress

Merona® Wide Brim Floppy Hat - Natural
ModCloth Butterfly Garden Dress
7 Hills Stretch Striped Waist Belt 
Seychelles Harlow Yellow Shoes


  1. that bikini is adorable! I can't wait to wear spring/summer clothing!

  2. hahaha you crack me up!

    I love the bathing suit... super cute.

  3. Ah SPRING!!! And honeymoons!!! Exciting, happy stuff!!! GREAT Friday post! Love your choices!

  4. Love your pics- that bikini is adorable!

  5. Got a hat and shoes just like these for our honeymoon. :]


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