Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 month update!

Oh time, slow down! Two months from today, count 'em: one, two, Mike and I will be married!
  • We've send out the invitations and eagerly await all our RSVP's. 
  •  (I really need to write about how we manage the replies with our guest list)
  •  Soon we'll purchase a ketuba (and it must be soon!)
  •  We're choosing ceremony and reception music.
  •  I'm wrangling our contracts to organize when (and how much) payments are due!
  • The kippot will be purchased any day now, too.
  •  I started a family photo list for our photographer, however at 45 different family arrangements, clearly it needs cleaning up.
  • My bridesmaids are planning my bachelorette party for Atlantic City!!!
There are so many little things left to do, but truth-be-told I'm not worried about getting it all done. Honestly, there's time and so many people to help.  I'm getting excited! 
We're 8 weeks away!!!!!!



  1. How exciting- it is coming soon!

  2. I can hardly believe it!!!! You day is almost here. I am so happy for you. You have done a great job keeping on top of things too.


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