Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Wedding Invitation Reveal!

I almost want to keep the invitations a secret for just a while longer, because I love them so, So, SO much.  They are by far my favorite part of the wedding so far.

They are the most decadent non-edible item I ever laid eyes on.
I luff them so.
And so what if people just throw them away before or after the wedding? I will always remember how absolutely gorgeous and stunning they are.

So, you can see I'm a bit obsessed with them.

One more thing, if you didn't catch my guest post yesterday about how we almost had to reprint all the invites, please go check that out now.
Then you can fully appreciate the depth of my love for these pieces of fancy cardstock.

Ok one last thing, promise, before the photo montage.
Huge, deep appreciation goes out to Sugar of DIYva Designs (& Nar, her partner, too!).
Sugar worked with my needy self, made countless changes to the proof(s), and is the genius artist extraordinaire behind the design.

So here they are.
(Be still my heart)

outer envelope holding inner envelope with belly-band holding reply card

Belly-band with wax fleur-de-lis detail

inner envelope with reply card

outer and inner envelope - the invitations are inside the inners...

the invites!
(please excuse the removal of our last names for privacy)

the two reply card versions (since Kosher was not available for all)

the late addition Hebrew
(aka my heart attack)

Needless to say, I'm more than happy with how they turned out.
And coupled with gold ink calligraphy on the purple envelopes?
Simply gorgeous.

The only thing better will be marrying Mike!

What do you think of them??


  1. They're beautiful! She did a great job!

  2. uhhhhhhhhhhhh I think I'm commenting from work because I have to tell you how amazing they are!!!! I literally squeeeeeeed when I saw what it was, then whipped out the camera to take pics as I opened them, and then said "why am I doing this, Vicks will have such better photos of them with her awesome camera?" so I put the camera down and just opened... and they're on my kitchen table now, lined up in a row staring beautifully at me as I walk by.

    They are simply GORGEOUS!

    I love paper so much... and I noticed the hebrew and wondered where it came from, so awesome and thanks for the explanation the other day! I read it, just didn't get to comment.


  3. Oh Vicky, those are GORGEOUS!!

    Still a little sour that one of those never made it to my mail box, but oh well ;)

    There's def some invite envy goin on over here!!

  4. They are just LOVELY!!! Love the color combinations! And they fit your theme so well!!! :) FYI the fleur de lis is the perfect extra touch!!!

  5. Super fancy! And so pretty :-)

  6. These have to be the most beautiful wedding invitations I have ever seen! They are breathtaking!

  7. cute!! they look sooo fancy! love all the detail!

  8. LOVE! And, I have to say, I keep every single wedding invitation I receive. They're too lovely to toss!

  9. oh my goodness Victoria!!!!! They are beautiful in pictures and I am sure they are even more stunning in person. I love them!!!!!

  10. wow wow wow! Those are fantastic!


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