Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Dance

Mike and I chose a first dance song.  Then we nixed the first one and chose a different song.  Then we registered for dance classes!

While a seemingly good move and use of money, we now know we don't want a structured dance.  The class was fine, well taught, and covered good moves, but it was more of the "do it this way or it's not right" appeal that didn't sit right.  We're not those kind of dancers. 

So we learned the box step, the fox trot, and waltz.  We learned how to hold you arms up and elbows out.  We even mastered walking. Turning corners, not so much "mastered," but instead we'll dance back and forth.
At least we won't be doing the 7th grade sway.

Having said all that, our practicing schedule lacks attention. 
As in: we still need to do that.
So dear friends and family, when we grace the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife, try not to stare at our awkward footsteps. In fact, just look away.  Because it's enough that you're there with us.  We understand if you turn your head, refill your drink, or otherwise use that time to your advantage.  The photographer only needs to see us through her lens.
What I'm getting at here is this sweet, tender moment is riddled with nervous energy of all-eyes-on-you.  We want that lovey-dovey moment... on our honeymoon, or in our apartment, or in our back parking lot where we practice dancing alone. 
I'm so glad we invited you to share our day & so glad you came, just don't judge our dancing.
Then bring us both a drink.
(We'll need it!)
(not us)


  1. haha my husband and I really should have taken some sort of lessons

  2. no one will judge your dancing! we'll be too busy being vaklempt (sp?)and kvelling (sp?)!! lol

  3. So true and well-put Kathryn!! We will be absolutely full of joy and love for the both of you.

    You will dance beautifully because you are in love and will be dancing to your first dance as husband and wife. There is NOTHING more beautiful or romantic than that.

    I love you!!


  4. HAHA!!! That's too funny! :) You'll be fabulous! I'm nervous too about the awkward moment of everyone staring at you.... Dancing by yourselves. That's why we chose kind of a fun song instead of a slow... lovey... share in our awkwardness song. :)


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