Thursday, August 11, 2011

(Wedding Recap) Honeymoon Bright Lights!

Mike & I planned some mind blowing excursions while on our honeymoon.  And thanks to our honeymoon registry, little came out of our own pocket.  <--This turned out to be one of our best wedding planning ideas. 

Luminous Lagoon

In Falmouth, Jamaica, on a brackish (that's half saltwater & freshwater, duh) lagoon you'll find "Glistening Waters/ Luminous Lagoon."  Apparently they wanted to add as many adjectives as possible to get their point across: the water lights up.  See, tiny dinoflagellates live in the waters and these rare phosphorescent microbes spend their days soaking up light.  All those big words mean at night, when anything causes the little buggers to move they light up. Greenish-blueish neon colors glow against a dark water background, seemingly out of nowhere.  Imagine conquistadors years ago flipping their ish as fish caused lightening bolt streaks to illuminate the otherwise murky waters.

And still today, it's pretty darn cool.  (but really hard to photograph with a camera that insists on using a flash.)

And then Mike got in the 4 ft deep gross water and I refused to touch him until he showered.
Apparently these little creepers only live in 3 other places in the world (which I can't remember, due to free rum).  If you find yourself in one of those places with glowing waters, you need to go see the tiny night lights in the water. I promise, the phenomenon is a must see.

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  1. Totally forgot to tell you - I saw your wedding announcement in the Washington Post a few weeks back! I got very excited by it :)

    P.S. Now I want to go to Jamaica!


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