Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday love!

For someone who feared the big 3-0 months ago, I have nothing but happiness in my heart today!  From my husband's treat of a trip to NYC complete with the most fabulous present ever, to my friends & family showering me with love and presents, this kick ass blog post by a bestie, and my class of twenty-two 7 year-olds singing me the birthday song (along with counting "Are you 1? Are you 2?" ...all the way to 30!), I am complete.

Birthdays are a huge deal to me, if you didn't know already. They are your own personal holiday.  You deserve nothing but attention and awesomeness to the max.  I might be guilty of searching that out, at times, to cope with the fear of turning older.  But this year, aside from planning my party (what?), I just let things happen.
And happen they did!

Tonight we celebrate:

It's been on heck of a year, and I can't wait to see what this decade holds!

PS: fabulous invite by Mad Design!


  1. Happy Happy birthday! Sounds like it's been one heck of a celebration! You deserve it! And? You're gonna love your 30's!

  2. Have a great birthday! I love all the celebrating you've been doing ;)


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