Sunday, October 2, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 10.1.11 A Garden Wedding!

First, the pictures from last night lack in the awesome-photography department.  My apologies.  Open bars at weddings might be to blame...

Had you told me, 12 to 15 years ago, while my gaggle of girl friends and I loitered after hours hung out on swings at our local park, that two of us would get married within months of each other? I probably would have told you to shut the f take your silly talk elsewhere.

Another member of the Fondu Crew (story for another time) tied the knot last night. 

Veronica was the friend in high school with all the great bad ideas which never quite got us in trouble, but did get a few side-eyes. Veronica's humor knows no bounds (hence the "Papal Benediction, Balloon Hat Demonstration & Kiss the Girl" performances listed in her wedding program).  Her effervescent personality makes her more than easy to like and always fun to be around.  She's fiercely loyal, insanely smart, and very deserving of her husband (!), Reid, who does crazy awesome journalistic political stuff (<-- me pretending to know exactly what he does).  Reid is so awesome that some weirdo political blogger wrote about their wedding as a some sort of indication of the future of his career, or something.  I heard about this at the reception where big wigs like Chuck Todd were also invited amongst commoners like me!

please forgive the uncomfortable close up

 Anyways, Veronica moved up here to DC years ago, & I simply love having her nearby. We don't hang out often enough (but sharing the wedding planning process rocked!).
The bride's dress is from Priscilla of Boston, which b-2-b's, if you didn't already know, is going out of biz! Go nab a great designer deal!

Veronica and Reid's garden party themed wedding & reception captured their fun, beautiful personalities.  A grand time was had by all!

I wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness!


  1. Yay! Fondu Crew! Congrats to Veronica & hubs, and I can't wait for the Fondu Crew story sometime.... ;)

  2. Fun!! Also, I LOVE Adriana Papell. Her dresses are so cute. You are rocking that dress!

  3. Oooh! Pretty dress you have there! And the brides turquoise necklace is awesome! I want one!

  4. I just saw this post! Oh, I love it! It's such a lucky coincidence that we could celebrate our weddings nearly back-to-back. We had a blast with you there. the electric slide couldn't possibly have been so much fun without you. :)


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