Sunday, October 16, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 10.15.11

Similar to Mandy & thanks to football (Mike otherwise occupied) I took my own pictures for this week's post.  I also asked the kittehs to join in on the shoot.

My yoga studio held a clothes swap. I decided this occasion called for layers (easier to try on clothes) and fall colors!
Shirt: Anthropology // Scarf: Target // Cords: Old Navy //
Boots: Clothes Swapped //
Giraffe Earrings: allegedly hand painted in Africa (bday present!)

Mr. Penny Lane

Mr. Melonball

Oh! And then I got all creative on my nails with two new shades:
One nail, the ring finger, is solid Dive Bar.
The others have Power Clutch on the bottoms with Dive Bar tips!

Happy Fall Weekend, all!

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  1. absolutely love that rust color--so perfect for fall.


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