Thursday, October 27, 2011

(Wedding Recap) Dance the Night Away

The remainder of the night passed in a blur of music, dancing, and fun.  In fact, I took a little break to cool off.  All that dancing in a dress made out of the "best" (translation heaviest) fabric in 80 bazillion layers, can really tire out a girl!
[Note to designers: make detachable wedding dresses that turn into short, cute, dancing dresses for the reception. One dress, two ways.]

The guests danced on....

and LOVED the photo booth, which we turned into our guest book!

The photo booth props turned into an opportunity to have more fun...

  and you KNOW where you can find me when the Electric Slide hits...

My last present to Mike -
my rendition of (Mike's least favorite band) Journey's Don't Stop Believing.
 Because honestly, who doesn't love Journey?!
(This took some creative scheeming and planning with the band)
((and we majorly butchered this song))
(((because all my friends sang along and embarrassed my new Hubby)))
It was awesome to the max.

...and during the after party I went to the ER due to heat exhaustion & low blood sugar.
(apparently you're supposed to actually eat at your wedding? and for the record, I stopped drinking halfway through the reception)
((I wish I was kidding to the max))

The first time Mike referred to me as his wife, in public,
was at GW Hospital.
There's a story for your grandkids!


  1. Looks like we have the same dance move...and it involves pointing your finger lol

  2. Oh I remember the text at 4:30am mentioning the hospital... I didn't know that was the first time Mike called you his wife. How hilarious!

    Seriously, the most amazing wedding ever. I wish I had taken a picture of you with your dress up, sitting on the air conditioner....

  3. That last picture is AMAZING!!!!!!!

  4. Wow! That is a story to remember! :) And thanks to that story, I made SURE to eat the day of my wedding so thanks for sharing that one with me beforehand! :) WISH I could've seen that rounding rendition of Don't Stop Believing! Bet it was AAHMazing!

  5. Just be happy you didn't end up at the hospital the day BEFORE your wedding after being involved in a car accident!

    You and me, we're hardcore ;-)

  6. Oh My! That's a story to remember! so funny!

  7. Oh my goodness Vicki! I can't believe you ended up in the ER! (did the awesome photographer follow you there to document it?)


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