Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Write: Guilty Pleasure

There's this book I own which I refuse to finish reading,
because I never want it to end.
I'm drawn in and hooked, wishing I lived as the main character.

I can guess how things finish, because honestly the plot line is nothing too complicated.
In fact the plot line borders on ridiculous, unbelievable, and flat out silly.

So what is it about the Twilight series that causes me school-girl giddiness in anticipation of seeing the last (second to last, since they are splitting it in two parts) movie?

Let's be honest:  Kristen Stewart's acting makes me want to vomit.  I truthfully believe my childhood acting classes taught me more method acting skills than her pitiful sighs and that one emotion she knows how to display.  The movie is all glitz and glam and boom and nice to look, at sure (Jacob's abs.....  oh yes.... we need to ponder his abs just a little longer..... but I'm not team Jacob), but it's not winning any acting or screen Oscars. ever.  And if Edward uses that forlorn, pained, I-have-to-poop look one more time I will throw my Diet Coke at the screen (I would never do that to my Diet Coke, actually).

And as for the book itself?  Well we all know it's the worst use of the English language, ever. And the plot lacks, a lot.

So what is it that caused me (and many others I know) to get sucked into something so bad?

Twilight is my guilty pleasure.
Edward is so strong, protecting, dangerous, amazingly talented (as all vampire are), and breaks headboards, like the high school boyfriend you dreamed of dating.
Alice captivates you, makes you want her as a best friend, and of course her ability to see the possible future is nothing short of awesome.
Jacob is tortured by his unrequited desires, has the body of a wolf* (literally...), and challenges his pack authority.  We all go through times like that. (right?!)
Bella might not have it all, but she gets what she wants. And what girl doesn't want that?

The fantasy captivates you.

Andplusalso - there's a happy ending.
Spoiler Alert!

I can't wait to see their wedding!!!!!!!

And so, Twilight is my guilty pleasure.
It's the book I can't finish because I never want the fantasy to end.
It's also why I will wait in line, on opening day, 3 hours prior to the movie showing's start time.
Because I'm not alone on this one.
Twilight makes "normal"** girls believe in make believe.

*yes I know I mentioned Jacob's body 2x in one post
**meaning of "normal" up for debate
picture credit from a blog of a 30-something woman whose guilty pleasure is also twilight.
case. in. point.


  1. aww i totally relate to this, as you know. the wedding will make me want to have a twilight-themed wedding! lol and yes, not finishing the book makes sense. it means its not over and you still have something to look forward to. even if its just one chapter! ;)

  2. I secretly want to go see the midnight showing tonight but I would never in a million admit that to anyone, including my husband, who would need to stay home with our three small children. Maybe I could sneak out while they're all asleep?

  3. :) Yes!!! It's ok girl, we'll be there in line too!! And seriously, this Friday at work can't go by fast enough!!!


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