Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Over the Bridge

Now, compared with yesterday's photos, which one would you choose for a New Year's card?!

These are some of my favs, for obvious reasons.  They are from out "day after/trash the dress" shoot.  The next question, is which one to make into a large canvas print?!

{all lovelies by Studio Juno}


  1. Ok, are the first and the last ones the same? Cause they look the same. Either way, those should be on a giant canvas. And #3 should be on a card.

    AND STOP MAKING ME CHOOSE!!! They are all sooooooo beautiful!

  2. omg over the bridge!!! #3 is beautiful. It shows your spirit and laughter and fun, and is still so so so romantic. Amazing.

    Ok back to work for me now. But I had to peak!

  3. I like the third one in this set! :) I guess I like the pics of you guys smiling at each other the best...

  4. I like the third for a card. But I like the fourth for a large print - that one I think will look more like art that you happen to be in versus a giant picture of the two of you on the wall. Fine balance! Gorgeous Gorgeous!

  5. ooooh!!!! I love the second one and the second to last one.

    These are FANTASTIC!


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