Monday, November 21, 2011

Scentsy! Mixing it up

Two amaHzing Scentsy things:

1. Online Scentsy Party, hosted by a dear friend!
2.  Did you know you can mix Scentsy scents?!  "Recipes" below!

First up, through the beauty of the interwebs I met Nicci. Sure, she might mock my love of Twilight, but deep down we both find Will Ferrel movies hilarious, exchange tweets about HIMYM, and enjoy a good football game (even if the Packers and Vikings don't exactly mix & she finds that stupid Big Lebowski movie tolerable..).  Oh, her kid baby toddler is really cute, too!

We can both agree on this: Scentsy makes wonderful wick-less candle systems (& other fragrant products), which also are great gifts!
So, Nicci's hosting an Online Scentsy Party!

Beyond the basic wonderful Scent Bars, you can combine fragrances to create even better aromas!
I first discovered Clove & Cinnamon to be slightly strong for my liking, so I added Cinnamon Vanilla and BAM.  Amahzing cinnamony-clovey-vanillayness.

In fact - if you find any of the scents overwhelming, just add a cube of Vanilla Cream to even it out!

Here are some other great combos for the upcoming holidays:
So go show Nicci some love, buy some scents for those you love, or just show yourself some love.  If you try the recipes above, let me know how you like it!

Do you have any Scentsy Recipes to share?

1 comment:

  1. Those recipes look AWESOME! I'll have to try some :)

    And thanks for the Scentsy love!


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