Monday, November 7, 2011

Unscheduled Leave

I started putting 2 and 5 together when after four days of a fever (above 100), not needing any covers at night (while Mike piled the blankets on), and taking a day off from work, that I didn't feel good.


I assumed my students gifted me a(nother) cold.

Then the nausea set in coupled with a lack of appetite.
My tetanus shot site ached to the touch.
And my finger, that darn cut, throbbed.

Once again I found myself in that clean, friendly, flat-screen adorned Urgent Care center.  I showed off my swollen finger to the PA and then the doc.  The best part? They didn't charge me the copay as this became a "follow up visit" for my pointer.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense with the tingly-pins-and-needles feeling at the finger tip.
The consisted ibuprofen dosages were necessary to get the warmth & pain to subside, only to return. 
But really, whose bread knife injury gets infected?

Oh right, mine.

The teacher whose classroom pet gave her Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
The patient whose test results also showed antibodies for Mono, yet every test in college always came back negative.
The person who keeps a handful of filled Rx in the medicine cabinet "just incase."

Because if it can happen (to me)
It will happen (to me).

I'm just happy I clipped the "new prescription = $10 gift card" coupon from Target, the other day.
(I just didn't think I'd redeem it a week after getting it).

Please forgive the sporadic posts.
Normalcy will resume, eventually!


  1. Oh boo!!! Hope you're feeling better girlie!!!

  2. well at least they are giving you something! :-)

  3. oh gosh I thought I had rocky mountain spotted fever but it was actually fifths disease.. also weird. Feel better!

  4. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!!


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