Friday, December 2, 2011

Trash the Dress!

So after walking around Georgetown & the woods, taking pictures under and on top of old bridges, we finally made our way to the Potomac River
(which is not all that romantic as these pictures make it out to be).

And stared at it.
Was I seriously going to get in that mess?

Good thing I wore my peacock boots.

And a 1, and a 2, and a....

I got in.
But not very far.

But far enough to make my dress all floaty on the water!

I love these two pictures!

No, Simba is not behind me.
That is what the rocks in the Potomac River actually look like.

And then I got out of the nasty water.

We like to look at each other (and were done taking pictures).

I included this one because my face & body language are hysterical.
I swear I'm happy to be married to this man!

I'm thinking about the dry cleaning bill this will incur...

if you're curious.

but did you see those pictures?!

Studio Juno Photography.  You have not seen the last of my business!


  1. Yes, definitely worth it!! I love how your dress got all floaty in the water :) Those pictures are beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous and so worth it! I love my TTD pictures!

  3. Love the ones with your dress floating on the water! So pretty!

  4. Love these!!! That does look like Simba resting on a rock behind you! :) Totally worth the $250!

  5. Lovely! The way love blending with the nature is really amazing and the snaps says all about it I believe. Hope it was one of the greatest day ever in life.

  6. Amazing pictures. Love the ones with your dress floating on the water. Absolutely beautiful


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