Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Arts Club of Washington

Simply by checking out  the website for The Arts Club of Washington, you will understand everything at once.  Instead of boring you with details of how the historic house requires splitting up the entire party (for a 150+ wedding) into different rooms of the house and guests cannot all be seated for the ceremony, I inundate you with photos.  This venue is wonderful for an amateur photographer. 
While "standing room only" does conjure up images of a popular event that many are dying to attend, it simply is not the environment desired for my wedding vows.  I think "comfortably seated" or at least guaranteeing my guests a place to plop their rear is a nice gesture.  The Arts Club thinks otherwise.   We could look to their courtyard for extra space, except the quaint hotel next door requires all live music to cease after 10pm.  The Arts Club prefers all live music inside only, to avoid confrontations with neighbors.   Also, you must work with their caterer, but at least they provide tables, chairs, and linens as part of the cost.  The cost is reasonable, at $3,000 after joining The Club ($500), and begins at $85/person, drinks extra.    However let's not forget that as an Arts Club there are museum floors where red wine is not permitted.  Oh and again, everyone is assigned to a different room.  I feel like I would wander around searching for people and never find them.
Enjoy the photo montage, because once we found out their coordinator phoned in a no-show for our meeting, we nixed this place:

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