Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedzilla & The National Museum of Women in the Arts

We showed up a day early at the Nat'l Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) for the Weddzilla Rock the Launch party, which turned out a good thing.  [We'll get back to Weddzilla].  As we rushed in I noticed wayyyyy tooo many men in suits.  I asked someone official about the Bridal Open House.  That was tomorrow.  Oops.
But, Oh. My. G-d:
the marble floors, the double-Cinderella staircases, the super-high ceiling, the columns, the lighting...
Mike and I audibly gasped at the beauty.

And back again for the Weddzilla Rock the Launch party the next night, we were greeted with a line OUT THE DOOR.  [BTW, The Weddzilla website was still in the works last I checked.  Ironic that I already attended the launch party.]  Weddzilla is the alternate to, with a kick and more flair, from what I understand.  We will need to wait and see about that, though.
When we finally entered the par-tay, the women all received a little tote bag filled with fliers, business cards, and the like.  Oh, and a Mervis Diamond or CZ -- mine was CZ.  The mile-long line for the two bars took only ten minutes for my 3/4 cup glass of wine.  No worries though; I had more by the time the evening ended.  We stayed for awhile because of all the venders to see and food to eat.  We must not forget the silent auction, either.  Or Steve Kemble.  Who, you ask?  My thoughts exactly.  This evening he wore a sequened-studded suit jacket and offered a 30-minute phone consultation featuring his expert services.  When I saw no one bid on him, I wrote down the opening bid, to get things going and because I felt bad.  [Do not bid on things because you FEEL badly.] Honestly, I thought that if I won the worst would be I donated $95 to Children's Hospital in exchange for advice from a very flamboyant gay man who has Red-Carpet Fashion Police status.  Well that is exactly how it happened.  I am $95 poorer and hope to eventually receive some great insight into planning TBD (the big day).
We were impressed by the service at this venue.  It only took asking one person who might help us and we found ourselves in the freight elevator with Kelly, representing the Women's Museum.  She fantastically whisked us away to her office, provided us with pricing sheets and a list of preferred vendors.  She even mentioned the "off-season" price could be applied to our March date. 
The advantages to this site:  GORGEOUS, all indoors, metro-accessible, centrally located, stunning, can easily hold 150-200 guests
The things that make me cry: price, price, price ($10K for space ONLY), that's all!

Don't forget to VOTE for us to win a $100K wedding!  We've broken 330!


  1. Looking at the photos - totally understand the "audible gasp." Holy crap!

  2. This place is spectacular looking!! It truly looks like the venue for a Cinderella-style wedding!! How elegant and classy!! LOVE IT!!!


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