Saturday, March 13, 2010


Just as pubescent girl succumbs to the straps of her training-bra, seemingly so oddly placed and in need of constant adjustment, I too no longer notice 'it'.  I remember first trying to wear those things and how they just bothered me.  Why adorn this thing that stands as a derailment of my youth?  Now I no longer think twice and rather notice if 'it' is not there.
The same, sadly, happened with my ring.  (No, I  did not loose it.) 
The first time I tried on my engagement ring was magical.  I stared at it forever, so shiny.  I even wore  it over my glove (it needed to be sized), easily flashing my new favorite piece of jewelry to everyone who asked, or didn't. But honestly the band bothered me. Not the style, or color, or any aesthetic detail, rather it stuck out as a new object I needed to get accustomed to wearing.  The thickness oddly rubbed between my fingers and my mind was always on the fact that it was there.  Someone told me that 4 prong rings hold diamonds less perfectly than 6 prongs.  I then became obsessed with checking to make sure the diamond was still there, that the prongs still held my precious.
Now, twice, I looked down at my left hand to make sure the sparkle remained and it winked back at me.  I expected not to see it.  I felt like it was gone, but it was there.  My hand, body, and mind accept this once foreign object as a permanent resident.  Instead of second guessing it fell off, I know my ring, my symbol of betrothal, I know it's there.
However, I now notice when I take it off, if I take it off.  My hand, body, and mind expect this ring to remain on my hand.  I feel naked without it.
I look forward to putting on a wedding band and the feeling of newness and adjustment.  Mostly, I look forward to never taking it off and noticing when I do.  I anticipate the feeling of knowing those symbols stand for my commitment to Mike and our bond of togetherness, forever.  I love it, just as I love Mike.

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A few more venue posts to come, after this weekend of dress hunting with my sister!


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