Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Carnegie Institute of Washington, DC

Just when DC seemed too expensive and no additional venues exist in our price point, The Carnegie Institute comes through!  With turn-of-the-century, exquisite architecture and a stunning rotunda, The Carnegie manages to impress and inspire, all within our budget. 
Tables and chairs are included, and pricing is a-la-cart for the venue.  You want the rotunda but not the auditorium? You can price it like that.  Or maybe you want the portico added on but not the board room?  They can do that too.  The staff is helpful, pleasant, and agreed to meet with us the same day I requested information.  We even ran into Ralph Nader.  Mike suggested I introduce myself as someone who actually voted for him (story for another time), but I chickened out.
Back to the venue.  It's gorgeous, in Dupont (an area of DC we frequent and live close to), and does not require shuttle buses, tents or anything extra.  They offer a 2 week courtesy hold, after which you can choose to make a deposit or cancel.  However, now Mike and I are wondering if a Memorial Day weekend wedding might be better for his grad-school schedule? At any rate, we are currently in love with The Carnegie Institute:
Only a few days left to help us win a $100K wedding!
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  1. I can see why you are in love with this place. It looks lovely and elegant!!

  2. This was our runner-up when picking venues. I loved it. But logistically, there were lots of little problems.

  3. Ohhh... that place looks GORGEOUS.

  4. We love it so much, we booked it!


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