Saturday, March 27, 2010

My old journal

I went looking for my old journal from high school, the other day, and flipped through the pages.  I was such an emotional teenager, I swear I don't know how my parents kept up with me.  All the time I thought was the one dealing with it alone.
At any rate, while thumbing through the pages I came across an entry entitled "Read at Wedding."  The date reads 1/29/2000, 10:24pm, while babysitting at the Saxtons.  (At this point, as a single girl, I wrote this as what I wanted from a "man.")

"I wonder how solid and definite I am when it come to certain topics.  There's love waiting somewhere and yet I don't know where.  I want it.  I want simple bliss and overwhelming euphoria.  I want my soul to long for that person.  I want a surge of excitement to flow through me when I see his face.  I want the comfort of knowing I can rely on him for anything.  I wan physical contact and sweet kisses.  I want to run into his arms and cry.  I want to roll down grassy hills and laugh 'til it hurts.  I want daisies for no reason and cards just because.  Most importantly, I want to feel wonderful and never second guess how loved I am, because with another to take me in every way I will be complete and devote and safe."

Looking back at that I feel silly knowing I wrote that.  Again, my teenage years were slightly emotional and dramatic. Still, it's not that far off.

Only a couple days left for us to potentially get into the top-50 and win a dream wedding!


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