Friday, April 2, 2010

Eleanor Rigby, the dog (not the song)

You might see Nora and think she's a dingo, but really she's more of a big baby than a fierce wild dog.  However, more than one person has asked us, "What's IN that dog?!"  I faithfully call her an "Orange Shepherd" while Mike refers to her as a "Hungarian Shepherd."  Truth-be-told we have no clue.  The Humane Society labeled her a Golden mix, which is a load of crap.  While her rust colored fur does resemble the darkest of retrievers, Nora lacks the instinct to bring back anything, enticing or not. There's not a retrieving bone in her body, also demonstrated in the way she "swims" which more so resembles a hop-skip-and-a-splash (with gusto) like an excited four-year-old trying to run in water.
Her red fur, pink piggy nose, pink pads, and iris covered eyes (no white in site) lead us to think she's part Vizsla.   The pointy-satellite ears, dense winter undercoat that sheds 2x a year like clockwork, thick medium-short fur, a tail that dips and fluffs at the end, and hind legs that form a 45-degree angle while standing just shout German Shepherd.  When people at the dog park ask what we think she's made of, that's exactly what we say: Vizsla & Germ Shepherd.  Everyone takes a good look and nods in agreement.  Yup, she's GOT to be the perfect combo of those two breeds!
I'll take the picky Vizsla-like fickleness and the Shepherd patrolling any day.  My sweet dog leans into you for pets, knows her commands when she wants to please, and only chases the cats when we forget to exercise her.  She's the perfect big-dog for a small space, and we're happy to give her a home.

She hides in the shower during thunder-storms.

And sleeps in a funny way.

We love our Nora-Noodle!

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  1. awwww!!!! I love her!!!! Look at that happy-face!!!


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