Monday, March 8, 2010

Decatur House

The first time we visited the Carriage House at the Decatur House I was not sold.  Mike called for rental information and we were immediately invited to their open house that night. Arioth, the Director of Special Events, comped us 2 tickets without thought.  As our first open house, we were overwhelmed.  Special props go to Mike who arrived thirty minutes before me and held his own.  In fact, many people complimented him on attending solo, saying things like, "You never really see that in a groom-to-be."  That's right ladies - that's my man!  Mike is really interested in the planning of the wedding and is oh-so-helpful, seriously.  He even created our Excel spreadsheet, which I still don't understand - but at least he does.
Anyways, Decatur House is a historic house built in 1816 and the home of some dead guy who died in a dual, but had presidential hopes.  Death will definitely squelch those hopes.  The Carriage House is just that - the old site of the stables and the garage.   The high ceilings give it an open feel and the adjacent courtyard shines in spring. 
So Decatur House was decent, nice, okay - on first review.  Maybe all those preferred vendors and crazy traffic crowded my brain because the only appealing detail was the open bar and free cake samples.  However, Arioth came through again and took the time to talk business with us, discussing details of a 150+ attendance and assuring us it works in their space.
The things I'm not keen on:  renting a tent for the courtyard ceremony ($!),  having to do a switch-a-roo post-ceremony by having cocktail hour inside then heading back outside for dinner/dancing, the bathrooms need a facelift (2 stalls), small bridal room (TINY)
Intriguing mind-changers:  cost is on the high-end of decent ($6,000), Arioth is on her game, it is RIGHT NEXT TO THE WHITE HOUSE -- they could be neighbors (think pictures! and ease of transport!)

Overall, we were not amazingly impressed - but we will revisit this place again.
However, Bridal Open Houses are wicked-awesome.  We learned to bring a bag to all future open-houses.
I am currently working on my wedding-ideas binder where I will house all these business cards.
(Sorry, no pictures as I came directly from work.)

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