Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Stinkin' EXCITED!

Why? Because one of the MOST awesome women in the world is coming to visit me.  She's super successful, highly likable, tres fashionable, and a vegetarian to boot.  Some, well most, people say we look alike.  We should, she's my sister.
I love my sister, Marlo, so much.  With 7 years  and 9 months separating us, I grew up wanting to do everything she did.  I'm sure she loved this at times.  So maybe she hung my stuffed animals out the window of a moving car while on road trips, at least I didn't mean to kick her when we shared a bed on those trips.   I can even forgive the countless times she forced me to clean up a bug while babysitting me;  I now know how to trap, catch and release a roach without having to smush it.  From fashion to musical influences, I thank Marlo for introducing REM to me in middle school. In high school I turned to her for advice, and she helped me cope with many boy-situations successfully.  By my college years, we were the closest ever - it's true what they say about age and siblings, the older you get the closer you become.  I absolutely love her family, too: my brother-in-law is a great guy and my niece is the best kid I've ever met (might be a little biased here).  Even her animals are cute!
She proved to be a great role model (still is), and now I can't wait to share the experience of dress-shopping with her!  Next weekend we shall shift through satin and lace to begin the search for my perfect wedding gown. 

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  1. wooo hooo!!! can't wait to meet marlo and dress shop! :)


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