Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top of The Town

The day we visited Top of the Town's (TOTT) open house was a crap-tastic day at work for me.  This clouded my judgment entirely, but it really doesn't matter because we are too big for this place.  I do not intend that in a snooty way, I just mean our guest list is too large for this space.....that and we are too cool for this joint. :)

The caterer was nice and mentioned that they understood Kashrut (keeping kosher) for Mike's family members that observe, but nice in an over-explainatory way.  That aspect aside, the open bar was meager and the vendors gave me no free cake.  I want my free cake.  I got a plastic, light-up cup that we left behind.
To focus on the venue, TOTT lies at the penthouse of some big condo building in Arlington, VA.  [I promise I am trying to give you the basics but I just don't care about this venue].  The breathtaking view features the National Mall with the Memorials showcased. 
The pro's:  priced fairly (do not recall exactly how much), indoor venue for March's unpredictable weather, and that's all
The con's:  small space, the switch-a-roo between the ceremony and dinner would be painstakingly ugly (although we were assured no one would notice the pre-set tables shoved to the side that they lift into place and move all the chairs around), interior not all that beautiful, no live music on Sundays or after 11, in Virginia

Sorry, no pictures because this place is not for us, and I came directly from work.
TOTT, you're out.
But voting is STILL ON!


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